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Understanding the Rogue Pit

Playing at your favorite online bingo sites, and selecting new ones to try out, should be a fun and smooth experience. However, sometimes the process gets a little sticky. While it’s easy to assume that every online gaming site is doing its job in the fairest and legitimate way possible, this is not always the case, and it’s not always obvious to the average player. You may have heard the terms, ‘rogue’ or ‘blacklisted’ and we’re here to explain what puts online gaming sites in this category, and how to avoid them.

Though it’s fair to say most online offerings are safe for play, there are ones that should be avoided at all costs. Luckily, we have done much of the work for you to prepare the compilation of blacklisted websites below. But, what exactly lands a site on this list? There is a number of aspects that make up poor business ethics and determine a rogue site. Such factors include payouts not received by players, long delays in payout processing, poor customer support, predatory terms & conditions, and questionable gaming operations. You may be wondering how on earth you’re supposed to determine all of these things prior to registering an account to any given site. We’ll be honest; it takes some serious research. You won’t have to do much though because we’ve done it all for you. Simply watch our list of blacklisted sites, as we are always on top of making sure our members have the most updated list of those to avoid. Browse our list of bingo reviews to see which ones we’ve deemed ok to play.

Learning the Terminology:


You’ll notice that next to each of the site names added to the Rogue Pit have either a warning symbol, or the words, ‘BLACKLISTED’ or ‘Closed’ next to it, or any combination of the three. Those with a warning symbol next to it, are those we recommend you proceed with caution. While they have not yet been blacklisted, we highly suggest you select one of our more highly-rated bingo offerings, instead. Those having a warning attachment often exhibit one or more of the previously identified factors that determine a rogue site. For example, choosing to register an account may lead you down a path of delayed withdrawal processing, difficulty reaching customer support, or rogue terms that can change at any given moment. You may also come across instances of cashouts being declined, or certain jurisdictions restricted to payouts equal to deposits.


On the other hand, those with ‘BLACKLISTED’ next to their name are a bit more serious. This title is not taken lightly, and if you see this term next to any of our listed sites, this means we are encouraging you, more like begging you, to stay away. This is the most severe title we can give and refers only to those which have been proven to exhibit highly immoral business practices. Reasons they may have landed on the list include all of the previously listed characteristics from the warning section while adding to the list some or all of the following factors: the use of pirated software, lack of a license and not regulated, and/or declined withdrawal requests.


You may also come across sites with ‘Closed’ next to it. This means that they are no longer in operation, and have been closed due to poor business practices, and an inability to measure up to industry standards.

Moving On

Learning all the ins and outs of rogue sites can be a bit overwhelming, we know. So, take a deep breath; it’s going to be ok. The NDB team has got you covered, and we are here to steer you in the right direction. Please be sure to take a look at our reviews prior to making any hasty decisions about registering to a new bingo venture, and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied.

Blacklisted sites

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