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CMA Enforces Removal of Withdrawal Limits

Posted on Sep 06, 2018

Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has issued a very strict public warning to popular operators, Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play, regarding their withdrawal limits and dormancy fees policies...

...Websites such as Stargaze and Zingo Bingo (owned by Jumpman) have been violating the fair terms and taking advantage of their players by imposing the unfavorable withdrawal limits as well as the unnecessary high fees for dormant accounts.

Change of Policy:

The CMA is now demanding for those particular issues to be rectified by complete elimination from these operators' sites and have also warned other operators to modify and adjust any similar unfair terms they may have...

…The wave of drastic changes is expected to sweep over the bingo and gambling industry as a whole, as companies and other businesses already prepare a new set of terms to be obliged and which will be much fairer than before.

Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play did not issue an official statement regarding this but have reportedly agreed to remove the problematic terms as they do not want them to present a hurdle on their players' way to winnings.

What Is Actually Happening:

The two operators will not, from now on, impose any maximum limit on winnings cashouts. They will also not remove any funds a player may have on an account that was not used for a while.

Progress Play has, specifically, promised they would not remove players' money if they do not meet the identity verification requirements.

Jumpman Gaming alone operates more than 60 bingo websites at this point and these two networks present one of the strongest forces in online gambling industry right now.

As more changes are expected to follow regarding bingo sites' terms and conditions, we will be bringing you any new developments as they happen.

Comment: About time! Thank God we're starting to see some changes regarding this, some of these sites' terms were truly awful.

By Andrej Vidovic