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Saturday Nights Are For Fantasy Tourneys at Cyber Bingo

Posted on Feb 03, 2018

How to make Saturday nights even more...erm, feverish? Cyber Bingo knows where it's at and has for you just what the doctor ordered: a nice helping of regular bingo tourneys that will cash out nicely, perhaps to help you realize your vacation plans? Fill the wallet nicely for that shopping spree on Sundays? Well, it's up to you to figure out what to do with excess cash – and we know how you can get some of it.

How about by heading to the site every coming Saturday and taking a peek into the wondrous world of magic creatures, fairies and pixies? We're not making things up; it's true. Registered players can take part in the Fantasy Bingo Tourney promotions each Saturday between 9 and 11:59 PM EST where multi-part games will cash out a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000! 

Winning the most games during the event will yield a $300 cash prize, with other prizes as follows: 2nd place wins $150, 3rd place gets $125, 4th wins $100 and 5th wins $75. Those are all cash prizes – places from 6 to 10 will all receive $50 in free play bonus money.

The tourney will be blessed by numerous games with different topics you can take part in. We'll only mention some of them: The Princess, The Werewolves & Vampires Game, The Warrior's Challenge, The Fairy Nights, The Genie's Lamp Game, Starting Mushroom House and many others.
By Andrej Vidovic