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Vikings vs. Pirates Enters Finale at Downtown Bingo

Posted on Sep 30, 2018

Looking for some piracy or viking adventures? The battle of the slots at Downtown Bingo is entering its final stage this weekend, so don’t miss your chance to win $2,200 of prizes in this epic crusade! The promo ends exactly on September 30th, and 20 lucky winners with warrior spirits can walk away rich for fighting high seas and stormy weather!

Hoist the colours if you consider yourself a swashbuckler or ask Odin to give you enough courage to withstand the challenges in featured online slots from leading software suppliers such as Vikingdom, Legends of the Sea, Lost Vikings, Princess of the Sea and Pieces of Eight! The first player to climb the tourney leader board will claim $1,200 in cash!

The Clock Is Ticking...

The high seas slot action is active only this month or between September 1st and September 30th. Each time a player wins on any of the selected tournament slots, their winnings are added to the scoreboard. Important to realize is that only the winnings from the featured games above will count towards winning the Battle of the Slots tournament. Equally significant, only active funding players are eligible to participate, and all the prizes will be credited automatically on October 1st, 2018.

Show Your Colours:

Also, we are eager to remind the remaining seamen that the Pirates Bingo Tourney at Downtown Bingo is still running, but only for two more days as well! So, brace yourselves and get ready to claim additional $3,000 of hidden riches until September 30th! Head to the Autumn Bingo room this weekend and play exclusive pirate tourney games to increase your chances of climbing yet another leader board! All hands on deck!

Comment: Yo-ho, cheers to more bingo looting! It seems that the entire industry is currently inspired with Pirates of the Caribbean or something… I’m interested in any case, always been a landlubber myself.

By Alex Hoffmann