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Please, be aware
We strongly advise our visitors to avoid this site due to a number of reports proving its poor business practice. As a direct consequence we had to place it on our warning list. We kindly ask all players to avoid Bingo Knights and try one of our recommended bingo rooms. Continue anyway?
Name US/UK Review
Lovehearts Bingo


Bingo Billy


Diva Bingo


Please, be aware
Have a look at our recommended bingo rooms. They are highly rated by our members. Continue to Bingo Knights?
Name US/UK Review
Lovehearts Bingo


Bingo Billy


Diva Bingo


Bingo Knights Warning

Warning: Please be advised that we do not recommend this bingo site. It’s associated with Gwages, which is has built a reputation for slow payment processing and non-payments.

What are your thoughts on Bingo Knights?

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nanduzz posted:

I'm an Italian player and I am registered on My check was duly accepted-I started playing with a bonus linked to one of your promotional email. I won $ 250 and I asked in chat if it was possible to withdraw this is your answer:
"Hi! Thank you for your patience. This is Olivia. How can I help you?
Gabrik: Hello Olivia
Gabrik: username: Gabrik
Gabrik: please, can i know if i have wagered my bonus?
Olivia: hi
Olivia: Please hold while I pull up your account details.
Olivia: So sorry for the site rule as players from Italy is not allowed to play on our site
Olivia: Is there anything else That I can help you with?
Gabrik: why you have accepted my registration?
Olivia: So sorry For That rule but as the site for players from United States is not allowed to play on our site

When it comes id have money are all available, but when it comes to giving money, find a thousand excuses ..... even stupid

nanduzz avatar
Markotik posted:

Bingo Knights has been around for nine years, since December 2004 and it has really become the online bingo site for any serious bingo player. My favorite is a 75-ball or Chocolate bingo room…. Mmm, delicious. Worth mentioning are other rooms, as well; Gossip, Sapphire gemstone and Free bingo ones.

Right after bingo, every time I visit a bingo site I check the slots. Bingo Knights offers all my favorite slots. I like its support; it’s very helpful and always available. And the community is one of the best out there; it’s always chatty, interesting and I often stay longer than I planned.

Additionally, you can play many casino games and poker; certainly, a lot to choose from.
Its fantastic no deposit bonus of $50, in collaboration with NDB, will surely help you make it easier to start playing at Bingo Knights.

Markotik avatar

Why Can I Trust Bingo Knights?

Bingo Knights is a well known Online Bingo website, with over $3 million awarded every month, coverall jackpots from $1,000 to $10,000, progressive jackpots for almost every game, Bingo Bonus Bucks, Player Loyalty Bonuses, interesting Refer Bingo Friend program, number of High paying casino games. Furthermore, there is a very strong community, with various chat rooms with interesting Chat games, which are fun, but also a way to gain more Bingo Bucks. Apart from multilingual support, Bingo Knight has a very good and responsive customer support service, which is accessible through live chat, email or phone.

So What Are Its Online Bingo Games Like?

After a quick registration process where one account per user is allowed, players get $25 free, along with a 300% with the first deposit (which must be greater than $25). It is good to know that on every cash deposit players are greeted with additional bonuses (so called re-deposit bonus) that ranges from 200% to 300%. Bingo games are divided into 75-ball and 90-ball variants, which are the most popular and widely played. Players can choose to purchase from minimum 2 Bingo cards to a maximum which differs depending on the game. Bingo cards cost 25 cent, 50 cent or $1.00. Games are offered after a 2 minute period from the end of the last game.

What Free Bingo Can I Get There?

Starting from the free sign-up process, players get the $25 bonus and can immediately start to play, without depositing any real money (although players are encouraged to deposit money with various bonuses). The site offers free Bingo Rooms, and Free cards in regular rooms, so players can easily find a way to practice. Of course, the jackpots for the free games are smaller than the ones in regular games, so once again, players are encouraged to deposit real money so they can increase their winnings. It is a good idea to start with free and small games while learning, and to move on to more demanding games with larger deposits later.

Anything Other Treats To Tempt Me?

Bingo Knights offers a very interesting Loyalty program, where the players gain bonus points. The number of points determine the level of each player, which in turn represents the percentage of re-deposit bonus. Points are earned for each game a player bets, so for example a $10 Bingo games, $30 spent on Pull Tabs, $30 spent on Slots, $30 spent on Keno or $50 spent on Video Poker gain the player one point. Longtime players will receive a 1 point reward for every $5 deposit they made. Among important rules, potential players must know that the game is restricted for players from: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Byelorussia, Bosnia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Herzegovina, Hungary, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Indonesia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia, unless they deposit using NETeller. Regularly, Bingo Knights accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club and Moneybookers deposits.