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What are your thoughts on BingoFlash?

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Coconutty23 posted:

This site starts you off with a decent welcome bonus. As soon as you sign up, you will receive a generous 500% bonus on your first deposit. In addition to this nice starting gift, they will also give you $20 in free sign up money. One thing I was disappointed with, however, is the fact that they only have one type of bingo game available, which is 75 ball. I definitely would have liked to see more options in this area in order to make the experience more worthwhile for bingo players.

They have a decent amount of bingo games available, ranging from a variety of reels and pay lines as well as a variety of exciting themes. One of my favorites to play here is Hollywood Reels which has some very nice jackpots up for grabs.

Convenient 24/7 live support is also available here for easy access to customer support!

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BingoPlayer posted:

Bingo Flash is a great online site; powered by Parlay Entertainment Software, Bingo Flash has stayed on top since its beginnings. They started operating in December 2004.

They offer 75-ball bingo, keno, slots, video poker and table games. They also offer Super Flash Casino version where you can play all your favorite games.

Free Bingo is available for everyone – it doesn’t matter whether you made a deposit or not. Of course, funded players have much more options but Bingo Flash really has something for everyone. There’s a fantastic $55 no deposit bonus available, and you can get it with a LBB55 code. When you’re ready to make your first deposit, they offer a 500% welcome bonus, and for your next deposit you can get a 300% reload bonus, up to $1500.

There are many more promos offered to players and if you have any questions to ask, there’s a great live help available.

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Markotik posted:

I just love Bingo Flash; the site has great games but “Flash” in its name isn’t there without reason. There’s a special option to play Super Flash Casino where many flash games are available. It’s a bit different but I like it. I think it’s a good way to stand out. In short, it’s a great addition to 75-ball bingo game variants available on the site.

You’ll find a great community and customer support, as well, at Bingo Flash. It has a great atmosphere and, for me, on this site I found everything I needed and expected from online bingo. Thanks to LBB, NDB’s sister site, go ahead and try out Bingo Flash with a $55 no deposit bonus. I also used other great bonus offers and I have no regrets, quite the opposite.

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Why Can I Trust BingoFlash?

BingoFlash is a site dedicated to satisfying all Bingo gaming needs. A large player base with players from around the world ensures great experience while playing and chatting, and a possibility to win great prizes and huge jackpots. Players are welcomed with Special offers, promotions and huge bonuses on deposit, simple sign-up process, and secure transactions, which make sure the players can focus on playing and winning. All the transactions are protected by SSL protocol with 128 bit encryption, so the sensitive data is secure at all times. Players’ privacy is never compromised, and all the details are kept private, never sold or misused.

So What Are Its Online Bingo Games Like?

As most of the most popular online bingo sites, BingoFlash uses browser based (Flash supported) software, which means there is no additional software installation, all the games will work equally on PC or MAC computers. The site supports trending 75-ball bingo variants, maintaining the originality of the game. The games are divided into Green, Purple and USA rooms.

The Green room is a Quarters Room where players can purchase a Bingo card for 25 cents. The room is famous for its progressive jackpot, which grows with every second. The Purple room is perfect for those who want to practice and perfect their skills, since all the games are completely free. As for the USA room, the bets are random and ranging from 5 cents to 1 dollar, with the American Bingo style and various rewards.

What Free Bingo Can I Get There?

Unlike many other popular online Bingo sites, BingoFlash offers completely free Bingo played within the Purple room, and it is a great way to play risk free, just investing some free time. We should not forget Re-Deposit bonuses. All players gain 20$ sign-up bonus, and with every new deposit, they gain new bonuses which range from 250% Plus 50% Cash Back for the initial deposit, to 300% Plus Loyalty bonus for the deposits greater than 500$. Also, with every bet (depending on the game, for example, 5$ Bingo bet gains 1 point) players earn points which in sum determine their level. The level on the other hand represent the percentage bonuses and can go up to 100%.

Anything Other Treats To Tempt Me?

The BingoFlash site offers special Bonus Bucks program for those who like to chat, so now the chat is not only a way to meet new people and exchange experiences, but also a way to earn more money. This includes BUDDY BINGO (If you Bingo, you will get 2 Bonus Bucks and you can share it with your Buddy), Corners (Be the first player in chat to yell "CORNERS" when all the corner numbers are called. These will be 01, 15, 61, and 75. The winner gets 1 Bonus Buck), Nextout (Pick a number from 1 - 75 and give it to the CM. Yell "NEXTOUT" and your number when it is drawn. If you are the first player to yell correctly, you will win 1 Bonus Buck), Lucky 2s (Give your CM any two numbers from 1 - 75 before the game has started. When both your numbers are called out, yell "LUCKY 2s" and tell the CM your numbers. If you are the first player to call correctly, you win 1 Bonus Buck), Double Dose of Luck (Give your CM one number from 1 through 35 before the game starts. When the double of that number comes out, yell "DOUBLE DOSE" and your number. The first player to call correctly wins 1 Bonus Buck), just to name a few.