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Please, be aware
We strongly advise our visitors to avoid this site due to a number of reports proving its poor business practice. As a direct consequence we had to place it on our warning list. We kindly ask all players to avoid and try one of our recommended bingo rooms. Continue anyway?
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Please, be aware
Have a look at our recommended bingo rooms. They are highly rated by our members. Continue to
Name US/UK Review
Blast Off Bingo

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HighOnBingo posted:

This is a great online bingo place with tons of different games and I’m sure that everyone is going to enjoy this site as much as I am. They offer 75, and 90-ball bingo but the number of rooms is really impressive – 11 bingo rooms. You could play Deal or No Deal Bingo, Speed Bingo (my favorite), and you could also play bingo with Live studio presenters, and that’s a lot of fun.

They have many other games to offer, as well; slots (including progressive and multiplayer) scratch cards (including progressive), and casino and mini games.

They do have a no deposit bonus offer, but it’s only £1 and only for UK players. Their 50% sign up bonus is also open to UK residents only, as well, but they have really good monthly and daily treats. I think the best way would be to check with their customer support any question you might have.

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Markotik posted:

Bingos is a very nice site and has even 11 bingo rooms to offer to all bingo players including one just for VIP players. The games they offer are 75 and 90–ball bingo. This is one of the rare online bingo sites that offers live entertainment studio with six available games. There you can find Progressive slots, Multiplayer slots, Scratch Cards, Casino and Mini Games.

They have a lot of promotions for everyone - monthly and daily, chat prizes, pre-buy and VIP promotions. Bingos also offers a BOGOF bingo; for every ticket you buy, it will give you an extra for free. VIP bingo room is open once a week, every Friday, and players have fantastic chances to win great prizes. Also, in Room 2 they have special 1tg and 2tg bingo games.

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Why Can I Trust

It’s the not-so-ordinary little bits and pieces that make Bingos the perfect choice for Bingo lovers. They have everything you’re looking for, plus everything you’ve never even thought of! Bingos provides players with the most extensive list of options for Bingo out there. Upon entering the site, you will be greeted with warm colors, simply emanating a feeling of comfort. The games on this site are developed by Virtue Fusion, for a smooth and exciting gaming experience. For your guaranteed security, Bingos is governed by the laws of Alderney.

What Are Its Online Games Like?

At Bingos, you will certainly be able to play 75 and 90 Ball Bingo. The fantastic thing about Bingos is that they have a whopping 11 Bingo rooms, plus a special VIP Room. New Bingo games start every 6 minutes and to make things as simple as possible for you, Bingos will automatically dab your numbers in every game, so you never have to worry about keeping up.

Rooms include: Allie’s Room, Room 1, Room 2, Bingo Studio Live, Deal Or No Deal Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, Speed Bingo, UK 75 Ball Bingo, US 75 Ball Bingo, Joker Jackpot, Lucky Numbers, and the VIP Room. Just to highlight a couple rooms, enjoy Joker Jackpot, which uses a deck of cards rather than the standard Bingo ticket to spice things up a bit. Joker Jackpot is open from midday to midnight daily. Or join live Bingo presenters every night from 6pm until midnight in Bingo Studio Live for a unique take on Bingo. Slots, Progressive Slots, Multiplayer Slots, Scratch Cards, Progressive Scratch Cards and Casino and Mini games are also available for your gaming pleasure.

What Free Bingo Can I Get There?

For every ticket you buy, Bingos will throw in an extra for absolutely Free. They know how much you love Buy One Get One Free Bingo promotions and to address that fact they have made sure to provide plenty of Buy One Get One Free every day for you to delight in! Also take part in Fair and Square Bingo, which does exactly what the name implies, and gives everyone an equal chance of winning!

Any Other Treats To Tempt Me?

The exclusive VIP Room at Bingos is open to players once a week, every Friday for one spectacular hour only, and is jam-packed with games and prizes that you won’t want to miss out on!

Bingos is a community-oriented site and offers an entire section dedicated to it; click on “community” at the top of the page for information on winners, chat masters, chat games, chat rules and even Bingo lingo, whether you’re new to the online scene or just looking to brush up. At Bingos, they like to reward members with exclusive Bingo Bonuses from time to time, so head on over because you might just be the next lucky member. Also, check out Room 2 for a list of daily highlights, including 1TG and 2TG games, Superbooks and Penny Bingo.