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Why Can I Trust LiveLotto?

Take a break from your favorite bingo games and take a moment to enjoy the excitement that comes with live lotto and instant games. While it is a bit of a different animal, it is equally exciting. LiveLotto is specifically designed as a mobile app compatible for iOS and Android devices, but may also be played online. It is targeted toward the UK community, and offers gaming starting at just 10p. Enjoy a myriad of live lotto and instant games all day, every day. To make matters even better, the site is committed to helping those in need, and works to raise money on behalf of selected charities. 20% of all ticket sales go directly to charities. The lotto site is registered by the UK Gambling Commission.

What Are Its Online Games Like?

The experience here is a little different than your average bingo site. It specializes exclusively in live lotto games and instants. Players can get started on this gaming adventure with just 10p, the cost of one ball. The maximum number of balls which can be purchased is 1000. At signup, members are assigned a single ball, which can be personalized and used for all lotto draws. In addition to live lotto games, a series of instants can also be found, including Santa’s Workshop, Cops and Robbers, Mega Love, Asteroids, 100,000 Cash Cuisine, Royal Charm, Dragon Scrolls, Barnville, and Disco Disco. They may be played anywhere from 25p to £1. During every instant win game, you get the chance to win a golden ball—if won, you get an instant £100.

What Freebies Can I Get There?

Those registering for the first time can look forward to something exciting, and dare we say, totally free (well, as long as you make a deposit)! Each new depositing player is granted free entry to the site’s exclusive and exciting £500,000 bonanza draw. Free tickets are awarded upon entry to the game. Keep an eye out for further opportunities to snag the free stuff.

Any Other Treats To Tempt Me?

Despite the fact that 20% of ticket sales go directly to selected charities, the site makes an effort to give players a chance to give back to those causes that are close to their heart. Head to the ‘Charities’ section and select the ‘Suggest Charity’ option and they’ll see what they can do to give back to the charity of your choice!

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