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Please, be aware
We strongly advise our visitors to avoid this site due to a number of reports proving its poor business practice. As a direct consequence we had to place it on our warning list. We kindly ask all players to avoid Mile High Bingo - BLACKLISTED and try one of our recommended bingo rooms. Continue anyway?
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Please, be aware
Have a look at our recommended bingo rooms. They are highly rated by our members. Continue to Mile High Bingo - BLACKLISTED?
Name US/UK Review
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Mile High Bingo - BLACKLISTED Warning

Warning: Mile High bingo has been blacklisted due to breach of contractual terms and conditions which was closely followed by closure of their affiliate programme. The site failed to pay commissions generated by referred players closing its doors to all affiliates. This is viewed as pure theft and NDB strongly advise all players to pick one of our white-listed casinos instead.

What are your thoughts on Mile High Bingo - BLACKLISTED?

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HighOnBingo posted:

I have always been fond of these thematic sites; they make a great atmosphere for the players and it feels like you’re a part of a group. Mile High Bingo certainly knows how to cater to its players and they really should be a key part. The number of progressive and guaranteed jackpots is really impressive and players only need to follow the schedule to know exactly when to join in to win major prizes.

Dragonfish Software delivers 90 and 75-ball bingo games, and Swedish Bingo. In a Team Bingo competition, players can win literally millions of loyalty points. There are many instant available including Wheel of Fortune, Cubis and Monopoly.

Mile High Bingo Club has some great prizes and you’re becoming a member simply by registering. There are four levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. For all questions there is a very friendly support that will help out instantly.

HighOnBingo avatar
Markotik posted:

The site design of Mile High Bingo is probably one of my favorites; I love airports and flying so with this site I feel like being at home. You can play 90 and 75-ball bingo variants with great coverall and progressive jackpots, Hi 5 and Team Bingo. Some of featured games are X Factor video slot, bejeweled, Monopoly and Sugar train slot. I especially start to enjoy Team Bingo because the prizes are really great and you get to meet better other bingo players.

Its High Mile members can be ranked in four levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All levels are beneficial and quite enjoyable. Good thing is that in case you have any question its Live Support is available 24/7. I’m sure that all astrology lovers play Mile High’s monthly promotion - Zodiac Bingo. This great bingo adventure at Mile High Bingo can start with a great Sign Up bonus – up to $100.

Markotik avatar

Why Can I Trust Mile High Bingo?

The site’s design is smooth and sleek and only foreshadows the fantastic gaming that’s to come once you join. It’s easy to register and once you do, you will have access to a whole new world of exciting games and promotions, brought to you by Dragonfish Software. They’re big on community and customer support. Mile High Bingo is known for that you will have a blast in. In every room you can mingle with other players, ask the chat moderators anything you’d like to know, and play entertaining side games to earn extra loyalty points and create new friendships. They are licensed and regulated

by the government of Gibraltar and they use top-notch security technology to ensure all your information stays safe.

What Are Its Online Games Like?

There are more than enough games to keep you busy here. They have everything you’re looking for. You’ll find three types of Bingo, including 75, 90 and High 5 Bingo. It’s easy to win with High 5 Bingo. You’ll more than double your odds with five chances to win the Jackpot. There is a complete schedule of splendid Coverall and Progressive Jackpots that are up for grabs on a daily basis. Grow wide-eyed with amazement as the pots become bigger and bigger. You could be the next lucky winner! Another great thing about the site is that they provide the option to play Team Bingo. So, grab all your Bingo buddies and put together a star-studded team to win a ton of cash! Other featured games include Slots like Wheel of Fortune, Cubis and Paradise Reels.

What Free Bingo Can I Get There?

No matter who you are, how often you play or how much you spend, you’ll have full access to Free Bingo every day! Non-funded players can head to the Free For All Room each day from 7am to 7pm for sessions occurring every 8 minutes to win up to £90 per day. Funded players can enjoy the same privilege every single day as well in the Free Bingo Funded Room from 4pm to 7pm, every 15 minutes, for a chance to win a total of up to £130.

Any Other Treats To Tempt Me?

There is never a dull moment at Mile High Bingo! You’ll never dread Mondays again. With the beginning of each week, comes Monday, where you can take advantage of two full hours of happy hour Bonuses from 4pm to 6pm. For a bit of unique fun, players can engage in a special game of Zodiac Bingo. An exclusive game occurs each month celebrating the zodiac sign that the date the game is offered represents. There are five ways to win. One line will get you £61, two lines £100, three lines £150, four lines £300 and a full house will get you a whopping £500, plus 20 Free tickets to the next game.