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Please, be aware
We strongly advise our visitors to avoid this site due to a number of reports proving its poor business practice. As a direct consequence we had to place it on our warning list. We kindly ask all players to avoid Rocket Bingo and try one of our recommended bingo rooms. Continue anyway?
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Please, be aware
Have a look at our recommended bingo rooms. They are highly rated by our members. Continue to Rocket Bingo?
Name US/UK Review
Blast Off Bingo


What are your thoughts on Rocket Bingo?

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Coconutty23 posted:

As far as the jackpots and promotional offers go, the new Rocket Bingo is actually a really cool site. The free bingo is certainly worth your time. In fact, it is accessible to players every single day and they don’t even have to be a regular depositing player to get in on the free games. To me, this was really impressive. However, things go a bit downhill from there. The site features two types of bingo games, including 75 and 90 ball. Bingo is your only option at the site and this is what I was most disappointed with. You won’t find any slots, mini games or any other kinds of games here. It’s strictly bingo. If this is your cup of tea, then you will have no problems, but I’m the type of player who likes to mix it up a little and have different options available to me. But as I said, they are good when it comes to bingo as well as their variety of promotions.

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How Can I Trust Rocket Bingo?

Blast off to a whole other space and time, one that’s decked out with loads of Bingo and an entire galaxy of exciting promotions that will have you reaping in the cash! Rocket Bingo made its online debut on June 26th of 2014. Their layout is themed around their title and features various rockets, clouds and a full moon to boot. New members will have access to an attractive sign up Bonus as well as a guaranteed additional prize as a result of spinning the wheel upon signup. The site is jam-packed with some of the most popular Bingo variants, Free Bingo opportunities and also plenty of promotions. Players can also look forward to a secure gaming experience as the site utilizes some of the most up-to-date security technology to ensure privacy. Rocket Bingo is licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

What Are Its Online Games Like?

When you play here, you’ll have access to a fair amount of Bingo. They offer a couple of the most popular Bingo variations. This includes both 75 and 90 Ball games. Avid Bingo players will have no problem at all with these options, however, they are the ONLY options at the site, making it a little more difficult for those who appreciate a bit of variety. The site dedicates their gaming solely to Bingo, meaning no additional mini games or anything like that can be found. However, they do a nice job of offering plenty of promotions and Freebie opportunities to keep members satisfied.

What Free Bingo Can I Get There?

Free Bingo can most definitely be found here. They pride themselves on having Free Bingo available to players each and every day. Players will have access to the Free stuff from 9am to 1pm on a daily basis. All gamers need to do to access this is visit the lobby and look for the Free Bingo under the 90 ball tab. Each game will have a total prize pool of £1. The prizes will be split as follows: 1 line for 20p, 2 lines for 30p and a Full House for 50p.

Any Other Treats To Tempt Me?

All kinds of exciting promotions are available to loyal members on a regular basis. Every Wednesday, there is a Lucky Lotto at the site. It takes place at 7pm in the Lucky Stars Room and offers a Jackpot of loyalty points. To play, you simply need to choose three numbers between 1 and 18. Once you do that, you can email the numbers to customer support and buy a ticket for the lotto game. This is just one of the many promos at the site. Check the ‘Promotions’ section for more deals.