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Bally Technologies Background:

Bally Technologies has certainly been around for a while. The company originated in 1968 as Advanced Patent Technology. Furthermore, Raymond T. Moloney is given credit as the founder and the company began as a pinball manufacturer in Great Depression-era Chicago. Since its founding, the company has gone through a number of changes in name, becoming Alliance Gaming in 1996, then reverting back to the Bally name in 2006, and has, more recently, become affiliated with Scientific Games. Though Bally was not fully established until the 1960s, the company had actually started producing slot machines in 1936, giving it the title of the world’s oldest slot machine manufacturer. Today, it is regarded as a well-known manufacturer of slot machines and other gaming technology, and is based in Enterprise, Nevada. Additionally, they are known worldwide for designing, manufacturing, distributing, and operating gaming devices. With more than 25 offices around the world and a number of awards under their belt, they strive to lead the industry in innovation.

Bally Technologies Products:

With decades of experience, it is no surprise that this company holds the title as having invented the first slot data system, which took place in 1976. Since then, they have become a well-established community in the world of online gaming. With the introduction of Advanced Patent Technology, Bally offers a full complement of products that is split into three categories: Bally Inc., Interactive and Mobile. While Bally Inc. is designed to reward customers, aid in managing and forecasting finances, reduce risk, spot trends, and increase security, Interactive involves mobile, internet and social initiatives. Finally, the mobile category consists of top mobile applications for premier casinos. Altogether, they provide a sophisticated and flexible range of products.

Bally Technologies Services:

Bally Technologies provides clients with easy access to a wide variety of gaming content which is regarded as being top of the line. In addition to offering such an extensive amount of content to choose from, the company also makes it a point to arrange full back up to online casino operations. This covers a wide spectrum of operations and includes marketing services, data collection & management, technical support for both customers and personnel, security features, payment processing and accounting. Mobile applications are also offered. There are two specific types available, which include, outward facing for client access to mobile casinos, and inward facing to provide key information to casino employees. To add to this, the company also supports a wide variety of online games pertaining to chance. Such a collection of games includes poker, video slot machine games, table games, sports betting and bingo.