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About Gluck Games

In 2015, four talented people gathered in a small Berlin office, with the intent of making it big in the online lottery and casino market. Sharing a common vision of unparalleled games and innovative design, it took the team only a year before they've managed to turn their humble offices into a large, international company of expert designers, developers and producers. By the end of 2016, they've already had their own, in-house built proprietary server RGCS platform, a portfolio of over 40 scratch cards, instant win and lotto games, and millions of Euros in revenue. Although their name may mean luck or good fortune, it was primarily their dedication and focus on marketing, which propelled the brand to greater heights. Their first major exhibit was at ICE 2017, when the company won the ''Game To Watch Prize'' for the Lotto Machine game, a unique blend of lottery and slot mechanics. Today, Glück Games creates casual gaming products and back-end solutions from the headquarters in Germany and Gibraltar, lending software to long-terms partner operators Lottoland, Lottohelden and emerging as one of the leading providers in the European market.

Millions in Scratch Card Prizes

The philosophy of Glück Games boils down to understanding the needs of modern-day players, primarily the dynamics of social gaming, with a focus on interaction and meaningful entertainment. Using latest technologies and top-notch designs, the company optimizes all products for mobile, desktop and tablet use. Each of their releases offers potentially high prizes, with jackpots measuring in millions. One such product is Instant Millionaire, an HTML5 edition which produced Germany's first ever scratch card millionaire. With 10 different ways to win, and a 50% chance to score one of the potential rewards, it is the highest paying game currently available at Lottoland.

Another popular scratch card edition is Porsche 911 DreamCar, part of a series where players can win both cash prizes and real sports cars, like Ferrari or Volkswagon. A casual game by mechanics and features, it's rewards rise above the usual offering in the instant win scene.

Everyday Payday is an innovative scratch card, with three magic symbols that, if matched, award thousands in cash on a daily basis, for a full year. It is currently available for play on all devices, at Lottoland, Lottohelden and Lotto Palace.

A 140-Game Portfolio

The company has announced big plans for 2017, which they hope will be the year of breakthroughs, milestones and new beginnings as a leading provider of complete lottery experiences. As many as 100 gaming products are planned for release by the end of the year, both from internal development, and partnering with other studios of similar aspirations and goals. To this purpose, they have already established working relationships with numerous established and emerging developers in the field: Gamevy,, GLI, Sideplay, Inchinn and others. The creative team hopes to achieve a new record in casual, real-money games, by catering to mobile and social gaming markets.


A young company, quickly emerging as one of the highest-quality producers in the casual games industry, Glück Games knows what kind of games players need. They partner with respectable software studios and operators, as well as established auditing companies, building a reputation for transparency and fair play. Great visual and sound qualities, combined with engaging features and high winning potential, is what makes their products so interesting to a broad European audience.