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Isis Gaming Software Background

Located in Canada, Isis Gaming software is an online bingo supplier. It is a privately owned company that is a leader in the industry having introduced features and functions that have become a staple in standards. The vision of the company is innovation in providing a platform that is both secure and flexible. Isis Gaming was established in 2000 and has over a decade of experience with a team of professionals that understand the wants and needs of not only the bingo community but the operator. Supporting multi-languages and multi-currencies gives the software an edge in markets that include North America, Europe and Scandinavia. Good business sense creates strong relationships with governments and private sectors. Sticking to values that incorporate knowledge, inspiration and leadership is the core and foundation of Isis Gaming.

Isis Gaming Products

The bingo software has been developed and designed to meet the challenges of an international Bingo community. Having a familiar environment that provides multiple languages and currency lends a comfort of feeling right at home. The multi-player bingo rooms are available in a number of style including varying card prices, prizes and Jackpots. Cash prizes are awarded to players including consolation prizes for second place winners. The auto-dab, auto-call and auto-win feature allows for a hand free experience. Maximizing the players’ chances of winning by offering gaming that includes Slots, Keno, Blackjack and other single player games adds an element of excitement to each room. Bingo variants include American 75 ball, European 90 ball and Scandinavian variant games.


Isis Gaming works closely with the operators to customize a site that is unique and separates from other brands in the industry. Customizable we designs preferable currency and languages including bingo styles, rooms and casino products offer the flexibility operators seek. Meeting the demands on an international level is an important focus of attaining a global market of traffic. The software is complete with an inclusive, in-depth backend office. Operators have the tools needed for real time functions and to meet the demands of evolving player base.