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WMS Background:

WMS specializes in both software and hardware with the development of slot machine cabinets. As of 2013, WMS was acquired by Scientific Games and continues to produce reputable cabinets and operating systems. By constantly utilizing the latest in technology and placing it into their product designs, WMS has established itself as a recognizable name, and arguably a leader, in the industry. WMS ensures their products operate at the top of the line level and go as far as incorporating BOSE ® sound systems into their designs to provide players with sound quality from none other than an audio industry giant. WMS works hard to innovate and create gaming experiences unlike any other.

WMS Products:

WMS has a nice variety of sleek, ergonomically designed slot cabinets that provide unrivaled comfort and quality. The company’s flagship product is their BLUEBIRD series of cabinets, which was created to be completely upgradeable if needed, adaptable, and constructed for maximum reliability. From there, WMS went on to introduce its BLADE series of cabinets. In keeping with the foundations laid out by the BLUEBIRD series, the BLADE series boasts the latest in cutting-edge design and comes packed with an all new, speedy CPU-NXT 3processor. This latest processor, developed in conjunction with Intel, packs 6 times the power of the previous iteration. The new model is capable of allowing developers to push 3-D graphics to new heights and provide experiences that television, movies, or video games have yet to reach. Many of the cabinets created by WMS find use for actual games developed by the company as well. Some notable games that utilize WMS hardware and software can be found across casino floors worldwide such as Willy Wonka Pure Imagination, The Flintstones, The Wizard of Oz: The Road to Emerald City, and Beetlejuice.

WMS Services:

To proudly stand behind their products, WMS offers 24/7 Product Support which includes technical support, a service dispatch center, answers and feedback, and the facilitating of part orders. WMS also offers a Customer Account Portal with which customers can easily access and view: outstanding balances, view/download statements, view/download outstanding invoices, make payments, and dispute invoices if needed. An additional secure site provides access to thousands of technical documents, troubleshooting guides, par sheets, and numerous other tools for casino employees or other agencies. Registration to access all of WMS customer and product support is quick and simple and their quality customer service can be reached by phone or through email.