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Bingo halls have been venues for mass entertainment for decades, gaining popularity in the UK following the introduction of the game as players now know it in the 1960s by Mecca Bingo. The appeal of the game seems to have been its cocktail of simple gaming rules to play for attractive prizes, coupled with an environment that encourages socialising between players, creating a sense of community. These twin facets of the Bingo game made it a natural fit for the medium of the Internet even from its early days when the typical connection speeds consumers had were truly tortoise-like compared to modern broadband. Even with arthritic dial-up connections operating at speeds 35 times slower than the most basic broadband speeds offered today, early online entrepreneurs were able to offer online Bingo games and chat that started to build communities of players as far back as 1996 – which is comparable to the prehistoric age in terms of consumer use of the World Wide Web!

With the advent of online Bingo has come a development of the traditional land-based Bingo experience, creating new etiquette (chatting while a game is in progress is not the no-no it is in land-based clubs, in fact it’s positively encouraged) and player routines. Online Bingo sites are run right around the clock, so players can get a fix of their favourite Bingo games at any hour of the day, and even buy tickets in advance that can be automatically played in a future session when they are not online! Effectively the explosion of interest in online Bingo has opened up a huge vista of opportunities to socialise and win prizes way beyond that traditional, land-based Bingo clubs can offer.

Getting Into The Basics Of Online Bingo Games

If you’re coming to the online Bingo game from the real-world of high street Bingo halls then you should find settling into the virtual version a snap since it is played in pretty much the same way – you purchase onscreen tickets, then proceed to match off the numbers on them as a virtual Bingo caller announces them. Complete a pre-selected pattern or number of lines (depending on whether you’ve chosen a 75-ball or 90-ball game to play) before any other player and you’ve won! Easy huh?

Getting to play online involves joining one of the online Bingo sites you’ll find on the Internet (and we can help you narrow down the choice to a few, highly-rated and secure sites if you need a little help choosing one) and opening a player account with them. This account is used to fund your play and where any Bingo bonus or winnings you earn will be paid into. Funding your online Bingo fun is usually achieved through a debit / credit card but you’ll find many excellent online Bingo sites offer other payment services such as Neteller and PayPal if you have a preference for those. Another feature of online Bingo that’s worth keeping an eye open for is ‘free Bingo’ offers, such as the no deposit Bingo bonuses our featured Bingo sites gift to new players. Where available, these are a fantastic way to explore a new online Bingo site, play some games and check out the community chatting away in its chat rooms – all without any cost to you (well, other than the cost of the electricity to run your computer!) Sort of a ‘free lunch’ of online Bingo fun, if you will, and a great introduction for anyone keen to play Bingo on the Internet for the first time.

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