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Online Bingo Sites

Looking for online Bingo sites to play can present a newcomer to the game with a pretty daunting task – there are just so many Bingo sites to choose from on the Internet that it can almost be a deterrent to anyone who’s just curious to try a few games out to find out what the craic is. So how should you approach the task if you’re interested to find a decent club to play Bingo online? Well here are a few pointers...

First off you really need to look for online Bingo sites that operate under a licence issued by a Gaming Authority with a reliable pedigree. Which ones are they? Well you’ll find the ‘big name’ brands all hold licences issued by UK territories, more specifically Malta, Gibraltar, The Isle of Man or Alderney (one of the Channel Islands). These Gaming Authorities are extremely serious institutions and only issue licences to online Bingo sites that observe and maintain the very highest standards of fair play, honesty and security. Choosing a site that holds a current licence from one of these regulators will give you peace of mind that its Bingo games are run fairly and that you can expect all transactions with it to be done using state-of the-art encryption to ensure any personal data you entrust to it is secure from interception by third parties. Don’t forget that to play with real money at an online Bingo site you will, at some point, have to give it details of a payment method you want to use – that is very sensitive information, and you must be 100% sure that company can be trusted with it!

Our next tip would be to list the games and other facilities that are your priority. Pretty much all properly sites will have a choice of Bingo games and chat facilities, but they will also invariably have a selection of other betting games that might appeal to you. For instance if you like casino games like Blackjack and Roulette you will find that some Bingo sites have these available too, which might make them a better one-stop shop for your online entertainment. Others may have Instant Win games based on popular gameshow formats you already enjoy (e.g. Deal Or No Deal).

Finally consider the promotions that a particular online Bingo site can offer you. Without doubt the presence of no deposit Bingo / free Bingo will be high on any players list, but also think about how much money you might want to spend regularly on your online Bingo hobby too as most Bingo sites will have deposit bonus schemes and / or loyalty programmes which could make them more attractive long-term prospects for you. Returning to the incentive of no deposit Bingo, hunting the Bingo sites that offer this also has the advantage that you can always test drive the site at no cost to you, to ultimately determine if it is the place you’ll want to return to time and time again when you’re in the mood to play Bingo online!

Of course, if all the above sounds like hard work we here at No Deposit Bingo can help you make short work of finding some fantastic online Bingo sites to try – we only list UK online bingo sites that are properly licensed through the most respected gaming regulators, and who we have personally vetted for quality, friendliness, choice and customer service. We deliberately keep the selection small as we understand that most players would rather have a handful of first-class Bingo sites to choose from, than a wider list of sites with varying quality. We also only list Bingo sites that have free Bingo to offer their players, as we believe this is essential to let you try these places for yourself on the house!