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Latest Bingo News

The Bingo community is vast and wide covering all territories around the world. And as a player enquiring minds want to know what is trending. That means covering all aspects of the Bingo industry for online and land based local Bingo halls in your neighborhood and on a global level.

Learn the latest Bingo news circulating with topics ranging from legal, criminal and everything else in between that is newsworthy including lighthearted touching stories. Discover new online Bingo launches, closures and the hottest promotions offering Bonuses, Freebies, Contests and more. Find the new Slot, software, game releases and updates right here.

Last Call For Cyber Bingo's 22nd Anniversary Slots Tourney

Posted on September 02nd, 2018

The month of August was full of scorching offers all over the network, but barely any of them exceeded the 22nd Anniversary Slots Tourney at Cyber Bingo. The operator is slowly bringing its exclusive raffle to an end, meaning that players can participate only until August 31st till 11:59 PM EDT.…

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Get Your Thrills From Bingo For Money's $1M Party

Posted on August 28th, 2018

As soon as Michael Jackson's legendary album Thriller starts making headlines again (apparently, it's been knocked off from the no.1 position of the best-selling albums of all time), Money For Bingo goes and does the full MJ experience for us to close the book on August...…

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