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City Bingo THE Number One Destination for Bingo Jackpots

Posted on Feb 26, 2019

Travelling the world doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you can do in style with City Bingo, the number one bingo destination for global fun! Every month, the site takes you to new, far-flung destinations, where bingo promotions are given a bit of a twist. For example, January, players were taken across the pond to New York, so promotions had the Big Apple treatment. December, it was the North Pole where there was plenty of cool cash to be won…

…this month, it’s the turn of the most romantic city in the world; Paris! Well, I was expecting it to be Paris because of Valentine’s Day. Promos this month include Love Notes; the Monday night special with £50 in cash to be won. Tickets cost just 1p and there’s £10 for the one-line, £15 for the two lines and £25 for the full house.

Every Wednesday this month, play to win some Parisian gifts for 1p a ticket! Expensive French chocolates and exquisite perfume are still up for grabs this February.

Where in the World?

Why not have a shot at guessing the city to win a share of loyalty points (Diamonds)! The site will be on the move again in March, but where will they be heading next? If you can guess correctly, you’ll win a share of 250,000 Diamonds! Next month, it is celebrating St Patricks Day, so which city do you think they’ll choose to go green in?

Will it be the largest Paddies Day parade in New York, USA? Maybe it could be the ‘most Irish place outside of Ireland’ aka Newfoundland in Canada! You could even see the pipe bands proceeding down Bay Street in Melbourne, Australia - but my guess would be Dublin! The site’s team will be landing in the next destination on Friday 1st March, so you’ve got plenty of time to make your one and only free guess! Make your choice by midnight on Thursday 28th February 2019 and you could win Diamonds in return! Log in and make your predictions on the map within the promo page to take part.

Jivin’ Jackpots:

If you fancy trying your luck with the daily jackpot games, you may wish to make a note of these in your diary, smartphone or wherever you set reminders!

  • Monday at 9pm: £1,500 to be won with £500 for the full house winner and a prize pot of £1,000 to be shared between all remining ticket holders. Tickets cost 10p.
  • Monday at 9:30pm: 5-line bingo awards £120 per line – that’s £600 in total and all for just 5p a ticket!
  • Tuesday at 9pm: Play to win a share of 500 bonus spins for 5p a ticket.
  • Wednesday at 9pm: Win a share of £500 in the 75-ball bingo game. 1TG and 2TG players will win a share of £250.
  • Thursday at 9pm: There’s £500 to be won in the 90-ball bingo game where tickets cost 10p.
  • Saturday at 10pm: £3000 to be won across one line, two lines and a full house. Tickets cost 50p each.
  • Sunday at 9pm: £500 to be won with prizes for 1TG and 2TG players. Tickets are free to those who deposited within the last 6 days.

Don’t forget to check out the daily jackpot game, where £1,000 can be won at 7pm every night!

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By Kayleigh39