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Win Big ‘Meccarena Style’ At Mecca Bingo

Posted on Dec 31, 2017

Bingo brands are always trying to outshine one another by featuring the best possible TV advert, catchy tune or fancy promo, but Mecca Bingo has gone one step further and made its own version of the popular hit from the 90s “La Macarena”. Leading operator and the UK’s favourite site for playing 75 and 90 ball games has launched a campaign with a slightly different twist, called the “Meccarena” and it includes an everyday bonus for each new deposit.

The advert starts with a woman and her cute-looking poodle, eagerly waiting for the game to begin. When the music with altered lyrics starts, both of them start performing the famous dance moves at home, the salon, Buckingham Palace, a shopping mall and Scottish Highlands. By promoting an additional bonus for each new deposit, the site encourages better gaming opportunities for the coming holidays.

For those who do not recognize the melody, La Macarena (believe it or not) stayed in the Hot 100 chart for 60 weeks in 1996, which represents the longest reign among No. 1 songs. The only hit-song to have surpassed its popularity is Adele's, "Rolling in the Deep" from 2011.

The dance has had a number of revisions and modifications during a 20-year period, so if you want to learn a couple of fancy moves and impress someone who’s still craving for the 90s, here is how to do it:

Follow the rhythm of the song and extend your right arm with palm facing downwards, then extend your left arm the same way. Touch the right side of your head with your right arm and do the same with your left arm. Then, take your right arm and put it on your right hip and repeat the same action with your left arm. Wiggle, jump ninety degrees and... repeat...

The site is determined to outperform holiday campaigns of rival sites and currently, there is no better advertisement on the market than the “Meccarena”. It is catchy, extremely funny, nostalgic, and it offers a good way to join bingo lobbies in 2018. Navigate to their official YouTube channel and check out the commercial; hours of Heyyyy Meccarena await!

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By Natalie Stephanopoulos