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Comments posted by Pulser

Pulser posted:
Bucky Bingo logo

Bucky Bingo

It was a while since I played Bingo on a Virtue Fusion site, and this was a great reminder for me. Bucky is a fun place with a nice number of various games available to choose from (they've got Little Britain, Rocky and Gladiator slots among others). However, I was mainly interested in Bingo. I have found the classic 75 ball and 90 ball bingo available, and for freebie loving players also the daily free bingo (2 hours every day and seven hours on fridays)!
I was really hoping for a No Deposit Bingo so I can test out the games and the system before making a deposit, but all they have is a classic sign-in depositing bonus for new players that simply failed to impress me.
That didn't stop me from having a really great time, and even winning a few rounds. As I am waiting for some more cash to get in, I don't know about the speed of withdrawal, so can't really speak of that right now.

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Pulser posted:
Diva Bingo logo

Diva Bingo

This looks to me like a casino for girls, but hey, if they don't have a problem with a guy playing bingo there, I sure don't mind playing with girls! Good to know right away that it is a Dragonfish site, and that usually means that you can expect some really good graphics and generally among best performing (and paying) games in the industry.
They cover only the classic 75 and 90 ball games, not a bad thing to now in advance, but you do have nine rooms in total, and I love their names (like Rehab and Paparazzi Playground).
Worth noting that only one room operates 24/7, while the others have a fixed schedule, and you can pre purchase the tickets anytime.
If you love freebies, you will find two Free Rooms, while the other rooms cost from 1p to £1 per ticket. Oh, not to forget a nice £20 No Deposit Bonus, great for exploring the site and games.

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Pulser posted:
Cheeky Bingo - BLACKLISTED logo

Cheeky Bingo - BLACKLISTED

To sum it up real quick, this is a great casino, with a little bit annoying website. The yellow pink color combination is simply not rated high in my book, so I wish they do a complete redesign, with a more modern looking site, or at least something a bit easier on the eyes.
That being said, I really didn't expect much the first time I came there, but soon enough was surprised. I don't know that much about different software providers, but as I learned, Brigend is one of the few at the top of the offer, with games you will definitely love.
I wanted to play strictly bingo, but was tempted with Slots and even won more than on bingo!
Anyway, they will cover you for the classics: 75 and 90 ball bingo, and the games are available round the clock, so you will find one literally every time you log in.

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Pulser posted:


They have a nice little No Deposit Bonus, exclusive to nodepositbingo visitors, and you can get a £5 just for signing up. It is a type of bonus that you can only use to play games, but can't withdraw any winnings made out of it. Not too bad though, since you can use it to just test the games and rules a bit. There is also a great first deposit sign up bonus, of 400% up to £400, with a really low WR of only 0,5xb. Do note it is also no cashable, and only valid for Bingo.
There are also reload bonuses and a decent loyalty scheme, so the more you play and spend, the more you get back.
There is even a completely free Bingo room where you can win some real cash, but you do need to make a deposit once in a week in order to get the access, again, not a bad deal.

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Pulser posted:
Bingo Waves logo

Bingo Waves

First of all, just to say that I had some great times in this casino, and even won more than a few times, but I really hate the site's design. OK, maybe hating is a bit strong word, but it doesn't look to me that they put up a lot of effort in making it attractive.
Their bingo offer covers the basics, 75 ball and 90 ball games, with progressive and coverall jackpot. If you like traditional Bingo, you will be satisfied, but I sometimes like to play the new 5 line bingo, and hope to see it soon here! Then again, they have more than a few available bingo games there, including nice chat games, but no team bingo if you are wondering.
They have a bit restrictive country policy there, so make sure your country is allowed to register!
They have a 10 Pounds No Deposit Bonus, but the winnings are not cash-able, but still good to just try it!

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Bingo Joy logo

Bingo Joy

I was drawn to this site for the nice starting bonus, and you get to play up to 20 games for free. Yes, it is a relatively small bonus (only £1), but it is mainly for trying the interface and check the games out, before making a deposit. I didn't win much, but in case you do, you have to make a deposit before cashing out, and that's a rather regular thing I have seen on many other places.
There are regular depositing bonuses (first three deposits are covered), and I like the daily scratch card game you get for free (you can get up to £100), but also a huge selection of games that will cost you only 1p!
As Bingo goes, there are three rooms available at the moment, with the regular 75 and 90 ball games, but also the 80 ball option for those who prefer it. I wish they add also the High 5 or 5 Line Bingo soon.

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123BingoOnline logo


This has to be a casino with some of the best bonuses I have seen so far. First, an incredible $70 no deposit bonus. I was skeptic about this one, and have contacted the support (through live chat), and without a problem got my bonus. I guess you will spend it on slots (with lowest 3x WR I have seen), and the winnings are cashable! After that, there is a $10 no deposit bonus you can get after registration, the same procedure and rules, and I was really impressed. In the end, there are three depositing bonuses for new players, and I am still puzzled how is this all possible.
The bingo offer is not that impressive (only a few 75 and 90 rooms available), but when you look at the promotions, it is really really hard to complain about anything. If everything goes well and I manage to withdraw everything I win, it will definitely become one of my favorite casinos.

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888 Games logo

888 Games

This is one of the good gaming sites, but not really a place for Bingo enthusiasts, since they have a large number of different games, but not Bingo. It is a Dragonfish site, and that is one of the best known game provider, and chances are that some of the best games you have played are, in fact, Dragonfish games. I wish only that the site layout was a bit easier on the eyes, since it looks too colorful for my taste.
There is a £5 Free no deposit bonus in here, but with a bit high WR of 60xb, and you do have to do it in the first 24h after the registration. There is also a 100% first deposit bonus up to $200, and that is a nice start.
I played mostly slots here, and had mixed luck, but my first encounter with 888games ended with me being in the plus, which is awesome, and I plan to keep on playing here.

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Pulser posted:
ABC Bingo logo

ABC Bingo

This is surely not a place for kids to learn their alphabet, and let me tell you something else, whoever did the design should check his vision. It looks like the site walked straight out of some 70's party. Joke aside, it does hurt my eyes to look to those colors, and they could do something about the layout. Lucky enough, everything works just fine, but the visual aspect is a disaster.
This is a site with Dragonfish games, so I knew instantly I will find 75, 90 ball and High5 (I've been playing this one for a while now) Bingo there. If you love to get free games, this will be a perfect place to go, since you get some freebies even if you're not a registered player (of course, the best stuff is waiting those who do register).
A decent number of promotions that change all the time, so make sure you refresh the Promotions page often, or get on their mailing list, and not miss a single thing.

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Back2School Bingo logo

Back2School Bingo

Well, it surely isn't a site for schoolchildren, but rather a nice casino and bingo place. I recognized the Microgaming platform, and some of my favorite games were there. They did a good job with the design, and it is all but another generic casino. They have your regular 75-ball and 90 ball rooms (four 90 ball and one 75 ball room), with some of those rooms available round the clock. I wish they had also 80 ball and the new 5 line bingo also, but this is far from bad.
Although there is no free Bingo, you do get a little £5 head start for free, which is a nice way to test the games before depositing. Also, nice first deposit and reload bonuses, so you don't have to worry about those bonus credits.
I had a chat or two with the support, and they seem really nice, and must say that I really like this site so far.

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Big Brother Bingo logo

Big Brother Bingo

I am not a fan of the Big Brother TV show, just the opposite in fact, but did play this casino because, it's just a name, right (and the only thing that reminded me of the show is the camera that follows your cursor on the site)? The site looks nice and bright, easy to find and read all the info that is important, and not a lot of ads.
If you like free Bingo (and we all do), you have seven days from your registration to play in the Newbie room. After you make your first deposit, you will get a 200% bonus and a £5 free game. Oh, and they have 75 ball and 90 ball games which are the most popular anyway, but also the new 5 line Bingo, together with progressive jackpots.
Although I almost exclusively play Bingo games, did try Slots and Scrach cards for the fun, and even had more luck than on Bingo.

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Pulser posted:
Big Time Bingo logo

Big Time Bingo

Wow, couldn't believe that I could get a $50 Free no deposit bonus, but got it without a problem through this referral. As long as you are ready to make a deposit in order to cash in your winnings from this bonus (btw, this has to be one of the lowest WR's I have seen, just 5xb for Bingo). If you want, you can also use this bonus for other casino games, but the WR is considerably higher. In addition to this, your first two deposits will get you 500% bonus each (up to $500). What I didn't like is that you can play only US Bingo version, and that is the 75-ball version, so if you like to get different Bingo games, you won't be too happy.
Then again, you got a full load of other games availabe, from Slots, Poker to Keno. And I saved the best for last, there is a free Bingo room you can play in!

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Bingo Australia logo

Bingo Australia

I always love to see localized Bingo sites, because you get the opportunity to hook with the people from your country and hang out, and one of the best things about bingo is the community which is much stronger than with other games.
This is the place to go for the Aussies, and really just one real complaint: what's with the site design?? It looks ugly and out of date, and it would really be great if they make it a bit more modern.
There are quite a few promotions on this site, starting from the nice $20 No Deposit bonus, but with the catch it is valid only for 24h, and the winnings are not eligible for withdraw, so basically, you get a free run to test the games, which is not that bad.
They offer some nice depositing bonuses, for the first and all following deposits. If you like to know about the Bingo games, they offer only the classics (75 and 90 ball games), and I wish they bring in a bit more, like 80 and 30 ball games asap!

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Cash Cabin logo

Cash Cabin

I have seen a few Leap frog sites so far, and they all look alike, with a simple (if not ugly) start page, few banners showing some of the promotions and a huge download link. You will have to download and install the software to your computer. It is a PC only, no Macs and no mobile gaming, so I should say it is a bit old school. They have 54 games available, which is OK (I have seen casinos with almost 500 games online), but a very limited Bingo offer. For once, I would like to see that a casino with a Bingo in its name has only Bingo games, and a lot of them too.
Like this, there are only the usual 75 and 90 ball rooms, along with various Casino games. I did notice a Mega bingo room with daily games, and different competition that I haven't seen elsewhere.

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Bingo Canada logo

Bingo Canada

If you are from US, or at least have some US friends you like to play with, this Canadian site is definitely a great place to check out. They are celebrating the Mother's Day, so there are some interesting promotions going on at the moment. Although I don't like Casinos with sites that look like a 10 year old had an experiment, this one actually is good at looking bad, so I give it a passing grade.
I wish they had a game preview, or an option to play for fun before going for a real thing. Another thing, I wish they had a bit wider Bingo offer, so if you are not into classics, you won't be happy. On the other hand, if you like to play the usual Bingo games, you're on the right place. Another thing, you can play Video Poker and Slots, so you can get all the fun in one place. I had a good run on this site, and had no problem to transfer the money (not a large sum though).

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Bingo Cove logo

Bingo Cove

If you like to keep it real simple, this is gotta be a perfect place for you to start playing. No downloads required, and that's great, and sadly no mobile site for playing from smart phones and tablets. Although there is no Free No Deposit Bonus, and the first deposit is rewarded only with a matching 100% bonus and there is also a 50% reload bonus, I have learned that big bonuses don't necessarily mean that you will make some money out of it, almost quite the opposite. I was lucky enough and have won some nice cash, going through the WRs easily, so I initiated the withdrawal (in constant communication with the support, pretty good btw!) and got it all in under 48h! This was one of the easiest money I won so far, and I definitely plan to come back and play some more. Will see if my luck is not spent, but so far, one of my favourite sites!

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Pulser posted:
Bingo Flirt - BLACKLISTED logo


OK, before you make any conclusions, this is not really a dating site. Although the name and some graphics (hearts and stuff) could be misleading, the catch is with the team bingo, so you have to find a good playing buddy, and plan the games ahead in order to get the bonus together. In order for all that to work as advertised, you have to go through terms and conditions, read it thoroughly and do everything they require you to.
Personally, I'm a solo player, and wasn't all that interested in team effort. They do have 75-ball and 90-ball games, half a dozen rooms available round the clock, and even a Free room you can go to and practice. It's always good to plan the games ahead, and since you can purchase tickets in advance, you can make sure you don't miss a game.
There is no Free No Deposit Bonus (if you were hoping to get one), and the new player bonus is a 150% bonus up to $100.

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GameVillage logo


I went to try Game Village because I have many friends who love this place, so I had to check it out for myself. The site is not that promising at all, and I was wondering if I've got a bad info, but was really happy to be proven wrong. I haven't seen or played on many BetSoft Casinos, so I was a bit cautious of what I can expect from them. There's a nice No Deposit Bonus that I spent without winning much, but then again I like to spend it to try as many games as possible, and it is usually very hard to cash out anything from the starting bonus. There's also a decent 250% Bonus for the first deposit, so I got lucky then, and won a decent little sum. Contacted the support first, to check if everything is in order, and then I cashed out, with the money in my account in just few days. Will be trying this one again soon.

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Pulser posted:
Glorious Bingo logo

Glorious Bingo

Funny thing, they are using the Dragonfish software that is well known for its games, and which is one of the most popular gaming platforms, but the site looks real bad, and I was everything but impressed. I don't understand why they don't hire someone to make them a decent site, because this one is more like an experiment gone wrong.
Anyway, there are a few things that made me register and try, first no downloads needed, and that is a huge plus for me, secondly you can play the games for fun, not risking your money, but seeing how they run, before making a deposit.
I was looking for a good Bingo time here, and it's a good thing they have High5 Bingo available, since I am a bit tired of the regular 75-ball and 90-ball games.
In the end, I even won a little sum, and made the withdrawal without a problem, so despite the site that I didn't like, I will be coming back.

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Gossip Bingo logo

Gossip Bingo

I did see that Gossip got some rewards, and I wanted to try it just for that, but the site looks terrible and it literally hurts to look at. Bright pink and a really confusing layout, I should say they need to hire a designer asap! Make no mistakes about the games, as this is a Dragonfish site with all the bells and whistles, an in my experience, some of the best (looking and performing) games I have played so far were Dragonfish games, so if you can survive the site until you log in to see the games, you will be surprised.
If you like to play for free, there are three rooms (75-ball and 90-ball games) available every single day, and you only have to be a registered player.
At this moment, there are seven Bingo rooms open every day (only one works 24h), and you can choose also 75-ball and 90-ball games. It is a good strategy to plan the games ahead, and pre-buy tickets.

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Hats Off Bingo logo

Hats Off Bingo

I knew this site from before, and heard a lot of good reviews from some friends, so I decided to give it a test run. I love to play Bingo, all sorts of it and prefer to have a decent variety of games to choose from. In here, you will get it all, 75-ball and 90-ball games that you have seen before (the most popular Bingo around), a bit newer 80-ball games and to my surprise, the Variant Bingo, which you won't see that often. I ended up playing almost exclusively Variant bingo, and managed to win a decent sum, that I had no trouble to withdraw. Very friendly support!
What you should know is that Bingo games have a schedule (most of them are available around the clock), so that you can plan your games and pre-buy the tickets to ensure you get a place in the room. Ticket prices are good, ranging from 0.10€ to 1€ which is fairly standard.

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House of Bingo - Closed 04/2019 logo

House of Bingo - Closed 04/2019

Most of the players just want to know about the playrate, WR's and bonuses, but I actually like to have some fun and if I make some money, even better! Well, I know I played for a while, and I won a little bit, met the requirements and made a withdrawal easily. So no horror stories about bad support and sneaky casino not giving you your cash. Like always, one experience doesn't mean much, but it is a good indicator of the things you may expect.
I am a Bingo fan, and that is my area of interest, although they have some neat Slots and Casino games. On to the Bingo: you got to play 75-ball (5pm to 1am), 80-ball (24/7) and 90-ball (24/7) games, with pre-buy option.
What I loved is the mobile option, because I can play some games even when I'm not at home, from my phone, and you know how important is not to miss a game :)

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iBingo logo


This site uses Cozy games platform, and some of the best Bingo games I have ever played are Cozy games, so I was anxious to see what to they have in store this time. The site name plays a game, and a good one since the design is matching the iconic Apple look. Further more, you can also play the games on your iPhone. This is a no-download site, and I like that, because I don't like to install anything casino related to my computer.
New players will be happy to see a £15 Free No Deposit Bonus, along with a 200% bonus on the first deposit and 400% bonus for all reloads. Bingo games go with classic 75-ball, 90-ball and even 80-ball rooms, and the rooms are available 24/7.
The site's name may be a bit misleading, because you get Bingo as well as Slots, Casino games and even scratch cards, so it is basically a full size Casino site.

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Jackpot Fiesta logo

Jackpot Fiesta

This may be a popular Casino, and I do know a few people that always have a good word for it, but come one, could you please do something with the design. It is ugly, too many colors and elements, so I needed a few minutes just to find what I was looking for. OK, so I have seen far worse by now, but that's not the point, it is essentially a good Casino and really could use a bit of a refreshing. On to the games, this is a Cozy games site, and so far I enjoyed their offer no matter where I have found it, and this is no different. You can get Bingo and Slots games in here, and if you are a Bingo enthusiast like me, you will love Jackpot Fiesta: there are 75-ball, 80-ball, 90-ball and even the new and fast 30-ball bingo, so no way you will get bored soon.

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Kitty Bingo logo

Kitty Bingo

This is one of the newer sites around, and although I don't fall for cat themed cartoons, after a while, Kitty kind of grew on me. They have only the classic 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo games (mostly popular in the UK and US), but you have progressive jackpot called Kitty Cash, and some nice chat games, where you can win extra kitty points or free cards. Cheapest tickets cost 10p, and you can choose to pre-buy the tickets, in order to secure your place in any match.
I like when the games are available non stop, so you can get in and play whenever you choose to.
There is no classical No Deposit Bonus, but on a succesfull registration, you get 250 bingo tickets and 10 spins for free! Add a 100% Bonus on the first deposit and a 50% reload bonus, and you're ready to go. What I specially love is the lifelong cash-back, so you get something back when you lose.

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Pulser posted:
Little Miss Bingo - BLACKLISTED logo

Little Miss Bingo - BLACKLISTED

If you have seen Little Miss Sunshine, you will find this site adorable, and if not, well, you can still give it a chance. I didn't like the site's design that much, and I have seen much better layout and graphics, but it does look fresh and colorful if anything. There's a good chance you have played on some other Cozy Games site before, and you can expect good looking games, nice payout rate and good fun in general.
You can play 80-ball and 90-ball games 24/7 and 75-ball games every day from 5pm to 1am GMT. If that's not enough, there are also Scratch card games, jackpot games, Casino Games and video slots, so everyone should find something interesting to play. Oh, and I almost forget the £20 No Deposit Bonus, although any winnings coming from it is not eligible for withdrawal. You also get a 250%, 300% and 350% bonuses for the first three deposits, as well as a 125% bonus on any reloads.

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Love My Bingo logo

Love My Bingo

I really do love my Bingo, and I don't think it's a bad idea to be picky, when choosing a good Bingo site. This one caught my attention some time ago, and despite the front page that doesn't really hit the mark by me, I had great time playing bingo games, and will be coming back regularly. So, you can play not only the classic 75-ball and 90-ball games you can find everywhere, but also 80-ball and the 30-ball I personally prefer. They are using Cozy Games software, and I don't have much experience with various platforms, but all the games on this site run smoothly, with interesting graphics. What I like is that you don't have to download anything, just make sure your browser supports Flash. And great news for those who like to play from smartphone or tablet, since they have a mobile site version, so you can play wherever you are.

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Mecca Bingo logo

Mecca Bingo

This surely isn't just a girls place to play Casino games, but all that pink color, pictures of happy girls playing is really getting to make me think. Well, no matter what, I did find a lot of guys there (maybe not for the same reason as me), but all I care is good Bingo and fun company. I was happy to see Virtue Fusion games here, and I know them very good from some other sites, and their Bingo is really great, although there are only 75-ball and 90-ball games available. Plenty of rooms to choose from, and for once, you won't be bored for a long time.
I was hoping for a No Deposit Bonus, but in order to get your starting bonus, you have to deposit at least £5 (you get a 100%Bonus up to £50). Not bad, but it could be better, lucky enough, you can play free bingo every day, and it is a good chance to practice.

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My Charity Bingo logo

My Charity Bingo

There are not many Charity Bingo sites around, which is a shame since it would be nice to give something to the community. So, this is a UK site, so no surprises in country restrictions and currency choice, and I suggest that you the first thing you do is to check if your country is white or black listed. I was happy to see that here you get a £10 No Deposit Bonus when you register a new account, in addition to a 100% first deposit bonus (up to £200). Be aware that you can't withdraw anything until you make a deposit, but that is not unusual and can't really complain about it.
They are using Abberant Software, which is a good example how good Bingo should look and feel like, and I only wish they had something in addition to the classic 75-ball and 90-ball games. I did win some smaller amount, and made a withdrawal without a problem.

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Party Bingo logo

Party Bingo

Before you rush to judge the front page (and I totally agree that they should do something about it), let me just tell you it is the part of one of the biggest Bingo networks, and one of the very few sites that is operating since 1997. The fact they have an army of devoted players must definitely means something.
US players are welcomed, and that's a good news, so you will encounter a huge number of roomies from all over the globe.
They are using a combination of four software providers, so you are in for original games that can compete with the most popular, with graphics and performance clearly above average. Good thing there are no software downloads, so you play straight from your browser.
Starting package include a 300% first deposit bonus up to £150, and what I find interesting is the every day BOGOF time, so you can score some freebies constantly.

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Play Time Bingo logo

Play Time Bingo

This site is really old school, and I have seen school projects that look way better. Not sure what to make of it, are they not changing the design for years on purpose? Luckily, beneath a not so polished site graphics lays a good Bingo place that is powered by Byworth software, so you have to download the software in order to play the games, and that is just not my cup of tea. On the plus side, all the games look really great, and it's no surprise that Byworth is among the best in the business.
Once you get to see their support, it will be really hard to get any better, it's fast, precise, and in case you do have a problem, you will have it solved in no time.
I was mostly interested in Bingo, and you get it all here, classic 75-ball and 90-ball games, but also 30-ball and 80-ball games. Keep an eye on the schedule and pre-buy the tickets to ensure you get all the games you want.

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Posh Bingo logo

Posh Bingo

It was clear to me right from the site name that it may be a place for girls. I don't mind, even better because the community is even more interesting than I thought. The site looks sharp and modern, and it's really not hard to find your way around it. First and most important, there is no Free No Deposit Bonus, but a 250% Starting bonus for your first deposit (of at least £5). There are some free rooms here, so you can play and practice without making a deposit, which is a good offer. It is a 90-Ball room that works every day from 10am to midnight. For every next deposit you make from £10 to £100, you will get a nice 50$ bonus.
There are a lot of ongoing promotions, but I suggest you check the site for all the info you need.
The Bingo keeps it classic with 75-ball and 90-ball games, so you can't go wrong.

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Rehab Bingo - CLOSED 3/2018 logo

Rehab Bingo - CLOSED 3/2018

Well, if you have some experience with rehabs, maybe you won't find the name of this casino so funny. Either way, it really pays off to check it out, and in a very short time, it became one of my favorite places to play. It is a UK site, and they accept Euro, UK Pound and US Dollar, with just a few most popular payment methods. Anyhow, the first thing I do is to check the terms and requirements, to see if my country is allowed to play.
There is no Free No Deposit Bonus here, but your first deposit will get you a £20 Welcome bonus, and a nice Welcome it is! There is also a nice 50% Weekly Reload bonus that you should take into account.
You will get access to 11 Bingo rooms, with the most popular 90-Ball and 75-Ball games, and I only wish that they soon expand the offer with 80-Ball and my favorite 30-Ball variants.
In case you are looking for something else, you will find also Slots, Scratch cards, and great Casino games.

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Rogers Bingo logo

Rogers Bingo

Rogers is one of the better known Bingo places, and it is not hard to see why. Maybe I have seen better looking sites, but after a short while, I do appreciate quick info access, schedules and promotions, and even the opportunity to see what the games are like, before registering.
There's a nice exclusive No Deposit Bonus (use a code to get $35). You can also play with UK Pounds and Euros, using the regular payment options like Neteller, EntroPay and Moneybookers. You can get a 300% Bonus for the first three Deposits (for each one separately) providing you deposit at least $25 for the second and third, the first doesn't have that limitation.
Apart from 75-Ball and 90-Ball Bingo games (I prefer 90-Ball variant) but I ended up playing Scratch cards, with some moderate luck. One more session and I will be withdrawing, and I'm not expecting any problems with that.

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Rovers Bingo logo

Rovers Bingo

Like everybody else, I like to win games, and if possible, without having to bother too much with strategy and planning. OK, that sounds a bit off I know, but I really love to try Slots, Bingo and other games that require you to only to push a button and wait to see if you've won.
Rovers Bingo is a well known site, working for UK and a few other countries. If you meet all the criteria, you will be welcomed with a nice £20 No Deposit Free Bonus, and on top of that a Spin the Wheel game with winning guaranteed between £10 and £2,500, which is not that bad. Add a 200% Bonus for your first deposit, and a 50% Reload bonus on every £10 and higher deposit.
The list of other promotions is impressive, and it took me a while to get it all, and let me just say it is a good thing to plan your games ahead, so you can scoop all the possible bonuses before the game starts.

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Vernons Bingo logo

Vernons Bingo

I know for a fact that Vernon's Bingo is on the market for a rather long period, and that they manage to stay on top and provide one of the most interesting sites around. What I didn't enjoy was their front page, which looks ugly and really not that impressive, so I hope they will polish it a bit. There is no classic No Deposit Bonus here, and I had to deposit a minimum of £10, to get $30 on my account. When you get to your second deposit, you can also get the access to a free Bingo Room, for a whole month, which is impressive.
There is a total of 9 Bingo rooms, with a classic selection of 75-Ball and 90-Ball games, and cards starting from 10p's.
There are also other games, for other who don't stay on Bingo, and I will just mention Slots, Arcade games, Scratch cards and progressive games.

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Vic's Bingo

I have played Vic's bingo before, and it's a nice place for players from around the world, interested in high quality Bingo. What attracted me immediately is the free games offer. There is a room where you can play for free as soon as you register your account, but there are also free slots, free video poker, free keno and free pull tabs, so if you need to relax or just practice strategies, this would be a perfect place to start.
I know this site operates with a relatively small team, but that's a plus to me, because everything is faster and all eventual problems are easily solved. They have relied on Parlay software, on of the leaders in online Bingo games, and the results are impressive, you get the access to great games with high quality graphics.
As i expected, no additional downloads here, so you can access games from PC or Mac, with a browser that supports Flash.

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Virtual Bingo

Virtual Bingo is a place where I hang out with my US buddies, and it's a relief to see that there are sites like that available. I think they should invest in a thorough redesign, since the site looks really old-school, with a bit out of date graphics. Lucky enough, I have seen Parlay games before, so it was not hard to decide to try the games and check if it is gonna be a place to stay a bit longer. Glad to say that I did win a bit, and actually have a nice record in the first few days so far.
I specially enjoy Bingo games, and with three rooms available round the clock (it's the 75-Ball bingo), it is hard not to have fun (cards start from 10 cents). Good thing you can buy tickets in advance, so you don't miss a favorite game. When you register, you get a $20 No Deposit Bonus to play all you want, in any Bingo room.

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William Hill Bingo

This is probably one of the most famous gaming names I have come across, so naturally I didn't hesitate for a second before trying my luck. Too bad that the website looks that bad, like it wasn't redesigned for years. This is your typical UK gaming site, so no US players are allowed, but at least you're not limited to UK Pounds since they will take Euros and US Dollars as well. I was happy to see that I can make deposit using PayPal, in addition to Neteller and Moneybookers.
I was normally interested in the No Deposit Bonus, and you can get $25, but you have to make a $10 wager in the first 7 days from your registration, which is not that bad.
Also, you get a week of free bingo, which I really enjoyed, and I think that every site should offer something similar. I was mainly interested in Bingo games, and I found nice 75-Ball, 80-Ball and 90-Ball games.

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