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Comments posted by transfrans

transfrans posted:
Booty Bingo - BLACKLISTED logo


I must admit I am a sucker for No Deposit Bonuses, and prefer casinos that offer them. I had a little bit different association for a site that has Booty in its name, but it turns out to be a pirate themed one.
When Bingo is concerned, I have already seen some of the Cozy games sites, and was never disappointed. It is the same this time, the site graphics are OK, and more like a cartoon, and the games look great and perform smooth. I was particularly happy that i didn't have to download any additional software, but just log in and play. Also, there is a mobile version of the site, and that is great, so you can access it from your mobile phone or tablet.
They have nine rooms in total available, the regular 75 and 90 ball bingo, and also 30 and 80 ball bingo which was a real refreshment.

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Deal Or No Deal Bingo logo

Deal Or No Deal Bingo

I was a bit puzzled with this one, a new site for me and I haven't had any info before trying out. Well, sometimes it does pay off to take a risk and go for it, and in my case it was proven to be truth. The site turned out to be a real discovery, with a nice selection of Bingo games. If you like variety, you will are on the right place. There are eleven rooms in total, ranging from unimaginatively named Room 1 and 2, down to Bingo Studio Live and Lucky numbers (a 90 ball room with the added lucky number Jackpot). You will find standard 90 and 75 ball games, and also 80 and speed bingo. I found the live bingo to be the most interesting, with presenters reading and picking up numbers, and it is a nice change to standard games, and it will bring you one step closer to the real thing,

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Butlers Bingo logo

Butlers Bingo

This is one of the few new sites that proved to be really something, and very fast became one of my favorite places to play. The site looks sharp and modern, with clean graphics and easy navigation.
They offer a nice £10 No Deposit Bonus, along with the hefty 300% first deposit bonus and 25 free spins on one Slot games. Not bad for a start! Worth noting that the free spins are awarded only after you make your first deposit.
This is a Microgaming site, so no surprises really for the Bingo offer, you can play 75 ball and 90 ball games, and that's it. So, if you like the good old classics, you are fine, and if you prefer new bingo games, maybe you should try another site.
The rooms are open 24/7, and you can (and should, if you don't plan to miss a match) buy the tickets in advance.

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BingoG logo


I love Free No Deposit Bingo, and this is one of the places I found it. You get a nice £15 bonus just for signing up, but do be aware that you can't withdraw any winnings made from that bonus, but that was fine for me, as I got the opportunity to try the games and get a feeling how it all works. If you are a regular, you should get the 2BBs every day, just for logging in, which is really great.
Now, if you like variety, you will love to hear that you can play the regular 75 and 90 ball variants, but also the increasingly popular 80 and fast paced 30 ball Bingo, with tickets starting at 0.15£. As a Cozy games site, I expected realistic HD graphics, and I was not let down, since they really hit the spot. If you do get bored with bingo, there's a host of other games available too, like Slots, Scratch cards and other.

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Bingo Room logo

Bingo Room

Parlay is one of the names you will probably recognize at once, software provider with a lot of experience and great games behind, so no surprises when the games are in question.
I already played in some casinos using this particular software, and I knew what to expect.
As not only a Bingo casino, you can play a host of other games, like Slots, and other regular casino games.
There are five available rooms, with games going on around the clock, so you can check in any time to play your favorite game. Not a bad idea to reserve your place, by purchasing the tickets in advance.
If you like to play for free or just practice, there is a daily free game, starting at noon, so you can relax and concentrate on your strategy and improve your skill.
Maybe the most important thing in this casino is their really fast payout, and you can expect to get your money in less than a few days.

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Bingo Street logo

Bingo Street

Well, I sometimes complain about not having enough real Bingo sites, but this one surely qualifies. Although they do have some other games (and I have nothing against it, just to be clear), the focus is on Bingo. There are regular 75 and 90 ball games, but also the popular 5 Line Bingo, a popular fast going combination of those two most popular versions. After playing for a while, I noticed that it did become my favorite Bingo game.
If you like to take a break from usual bingo, you will be happy to know they also have scratch cards (I just love those), but also Slots and a few other popular games.
They have a free Bingo room available daily for those who like to practice without depositing, but with a chance to win real cash (not much though, but still).
Very quickly, I got hooked on, and Bingo Street has become a favorite place for me to play 5 Line Bingo.

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2-4-1 Bingo logo

2-4-1 Bingo

Good hint there Zuga! In case you have an open account in one of the casinos from TheBingoAffiliates group, make sure you contact the support to check the terms.
The site looks a bit shabby, and I think they will fix it soon, because it sure could use a modern and more appealing design.
I like the sites that give you this kind of welcome bonus: you get 20 bucks to play with, and tryout different games, no bonuses, no cash outs, it is essentially practice money, so no misunderstandings.
If you still like freebies, there's a free bingo room available every day from midnight to 6pm, and every win qualifies you to a weekly contest with a 20BB prize.
They cover 75 ball and 90 ball games, and that is to say if you like the classics, you will find this place perfect. I haven't made a withdrawal yet, but I did have a nice winning line, and I do plan to continue playing here.

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888 play logo

888 play

Funny thing is that this is not actually a Bingo site, in fact, they have over 100 games available, and not a single Bingo. So, if you are a Bingo fan and like to play only those, you better continue your search and go to another place. If not, this might be worth checking out.
What I like is the $5 Free Bonus at the start, for new players, and although there are some restrictions, you can really win some cash if you're lucky enough.
There is a matching bonus for the first deposit, and it is not bad (a 100% bonus for you deposit). They have a 20xbonus deposit on all promotions, and that's a good thing. Make sure you check what games are contributing to the wagering requirements.
Another great thing, with every wager, you collect Reward points, that you can exchange for cash, and that is a way of getting something even when you are losing.

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Amigo Bingo logo

Amigo Bingo

This casino is accepting US players, so if you have some friends you like to play with, bring them in. You can get the interface in Spanish, and the site works decently fast, but I really dislike the design that looks kind of ugly. On the other hand, the support works good and I have talked to a representative that knows his job extremely well. Polite and friendly too.
This is a download only Parlay site (and I really don't look forward downloading and installing any casino software), but ended up with a fast interface, but not best looking I have seen.
They have only two rooms available, but the schedule is packed, so you better prepare in advance by purchasing tickets for the games as soon as you can, as I have missed several games that were all booked up.
You also have slots and 3D slots ready for playing, and it is a nice way of resting a bit from Bingo, but also having the opportunity to win some cash.

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Benidorm Bingo logo

Benidorm Bingo

Benidorm Bingo looks kind of fun, a little bit more like a vacation site than a bingo site. Anyway, this has to be one of the friendliest places I have played up to date, starting from the support that sounds like a good buddy answered my call, and down to straight bonuses that you don't have to really think hard about. They run the most popular 75 ball and 90 ball Bingo rooms, and even I really enjoy playing 80 ball, 30 ball and even the new 5line version, I could relax with the good old school Bingo. They do have one 80 ball room though. All in all 11 rooms in total, and that's all you need to know. The schedule is up there, keep your eyes on the prize and reserve your place by pre buying the tickets.
You deposit £10 one week, get a free Bingo slot next Monday, and that's just great, with a max win of £200.

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Big Heart Bingo logo

Big Heart Bingo

I haven't came across too many bingo sites that give anything to charity, but this one is one of the few, so if you fell generous, be free to just enjoy your bingo and know that a part of it goes to those who really need it. The site, however, definitely should use a bit of a refresh, it looks old, out of date and in a dire need of overhaul.
A little bit to my surprise, I didn't find a lot of Bingo in here, just two rooms actually, a 90 Dash lounge and 80 Bistro Room, so don't expect a huge number of different games. Even so, I had a great time there. You can purchase game cards in advance, so you don't miss a game, and combine that with nice prizes and decent jackpots. There are around 50 players at each game, but I have played a few games in under 5 players.

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Biggest Bingo - Closed 03/2019 logo

Biggest Bingo - Closed 03/2019

This is a high quality Dragonfish Bingo site, with 75, 90 and High5 Bingo games (the last one is new, and already on of the most popular games). Starting from those classic versions of Bingo, I ended up playing almost exclusively High5. I spent a lot of time on this site, and always had great time, no matter if I was winning or not (and I did won quite a few times so far). What I like is that you get nice deposit bonus (100% up to $100 and 50% up to $50). The catch is that the WR is really low, 4xdeposit + bonus, so it make sense to deposit a bit more than you usually would. Also, I just love a fast payout, and these guys do it in just a few days, and never had any problems with them. The support is also great, and it is no wonder they became one of my favorite Bingo sites.

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Bingo Avatar logo

Bingo Avatar

Probably the site won't blow you away with the design, and I guess it is just a matter of time before they decide to make a refresh. First of all, this is not only a Bingo site, and you can play a few other popular Casino games, provided by Parlay Ent software, but for me, Bingo still plays a very important role, so all the other games are just for a flavor, but not bad to know that you have Slots, that I also like to play from time to time.
I only wish that they had some other in addition to classic 75-ball and 90-ball games, but I had great time even with a bit limited selection, and even won more than a few. Withdrawal was hassle free, all over in just a few days without any complications, so this one stays on my list of regulars.

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Bingo Cafe logo

Bingo Cafe

Haven't seen a Leap frog casino site for a while, and it looks to me that once a very popular software is taking some hits as there are a lot of new and very successful names making their mark. I remember playing some great games from this company, so I didn't hesitate to try it again, even if it meant that I have to download and install the software to my computer (PC only, no mobile gaming option).
Must say that although everything runs nice, I was a bit let down by the fact that you can find only 75-ball bingo there. Sure, they've got slots and some other regular casino games (like poker), but I came there for Bingo and expected a bit larger selection (from over 50 games available). Must agree with Markotik about the support, they were really helpful and on top of things, and I wish more casinos were like that.

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Bingo Chimp logo

Bingo Chimp

I was never a huge fan of those comic relief Casino's and prefer a good modern design with a professional approach. Bingo Chimp didn't win me for it looks, specially those weird scrolling leaves in the background, but I did have a good time there. Also, like I anticipated, it is not a Bingo only site, you have Slots, Roulette, Poker and the whole casino thing going on. So, a Cozy games site, and I have played their Bingo before, and I wasn't disappointing. Specially for the £15 No Deposit Bonus for new players that I really enjoyed and spent well. Do note that winnings from this bonus can not be withdrawn.
What is important is that Bingo rooms are available 24/7, there are not too many of them, but you can pre-purchase tickets so you don't miss a game. There are 80-ball and 90-ball games, and this is a rare occasion a 75-ball is absent, but to tell you the truth, I didn't miss it at all.

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Bingo Empire logo

Bingo Empire

If you are looking for a top notch Bingo site, this one should be taken into consideration. Having that in mind, it is a bit funny to see that their website look so common. I have seen many sites that look both more modern and easier to navigate. That aside, this casino will definitely give you a lot of great time. Starting with the £20 Free No Deposit Bonus, a 75% reload bonus, and a 350% first deposit bonus. What I like is that you can play all popular variants of bingo, 75 and 90 ball which are the classics, but also 80 and even 30 ball versions. All the rooms are opened non-stop, and you can buy the tickets in advance, so you don't miss a game. In case you need a brake, you can always play some slots, instant and casino games, but to tell you the truth, I doubt you will get bored with bingo there.

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Bingo Fabulous logo

Bingo Fabulous

This is a site powered by Dragonfish software, that I have seen many times on some of the best casinos around. If you are wondering about the Bingo games, you can count on 75 and 90 ball games, but also the increasingly popular High 5 bingo, where you have five different options to win, which is great. No downloads are required on this site, but no mobile site version either, so you won't be able to play from your tablet (an important thing to me).
The site didn't impress me that much, but at least it's simple and easy to navigate. The bonuses are decent, and with a medium WR, a 100% first deposit bonus up to $100. There are some other games available also, apart from bingo, and you should keep an eye on promotions, since they change often. I got lucky playing 75-ball bingo, and got the money on my account in just 2 days, so I will be playing again soon.

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Bingo for Money logo

Bingo for Money

I saw this site earlier, and since they accept US players (among others), and they use Parlay software games, I had to try them out. Good to know that they offer a No Deposit Bonus (nice $25 chip), so you can have some fun before making the deposit, and even win something.
There are also 500% and 300% bonuses for the first two deposits, which is not that bad at all.
You can play the games from any web supported browser, or directly from your computer (Mac or PC) if you download and install the software.
I wanted to play Bingo, and good to know there are only 75-ball games, not great it you like variety with 80, 90 and 30 ball games. Not bad to know that at least there are some games you can play for free (three games at the moment), so you can just have some fun without making any deposits.

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Giggle Bingo logo

Giggle Bingo

Not the prettiest site I have seen so far (and I have seen more than a handful), but it didn't turn out to be bad at all. Starting with the £10 No Deposit Bonus, I don't have a problem to just spend the bonus to get to know the site better, just to decide if I should invest more. As I have grown to like Microgaming games, I had no problems with the games, specially because I have already seen and played most of them. I wish they had a little richer Bingo offer, because there are only 75-ball and 90-ball rooms, but at least they are working round the clock, and there's a schedule and pre-purchase system, so you can't miss the games you want to play. I wasn't that successful at the beginning, but soon enough had some good games, and now I'm waiting for the money to get to my account. Had no problem to initiate the withdrawal.

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Golden Pound - BLACKLISTED logo

Golden Pound - BLACKLISTED

This site was a bit too much for me to handle, too flashy graphics and it almost hurts my eyes to even look at it for too long. It is not only a site for Bingo, but also slots and Casino games, so you don't have to worry that you will be bored after a while. What you can count on is the good old 75-ball and 90-ball games as well as the new High5 Bingo, that I ended up playing it almost all of the time. There are quite a few interesting promotions, with a usual offer for new players, a 150% Bonus up to $100, with a decent chance of winning the WR's. I contacted the support once or twice, and got up to date info without any confusion, so they got a good grade by me.
If you like to play with friends, you can try Team Bingo to increase your chances of winning, but I still prefer to play solo.

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Gratorama logo


This is not a site that I would call very attractive, but I got some recommendations and there's a 7€ Free No Deposit Bonus (20xb WR is not that high), so I had no problem to register and test it for a while. Like all casinos, they encourage you to make a deposit. First deposit has a 100% matching bonus, and there's a 15% bonus on each deposit you make using MoneyBookers, paysafecard, Ukash and iDeal, so that's not bad at all if you ask me. They have a nice cash-back program they call Complimentary Points, and you collect them when you bet, and can later exchange them for cash.
Now, I have seen sites with bigger and more attractive bonuses, but there always was a catch. In here, they don't make any problems when you want to make a withdrawal, and I did it twice so far, it was all done within a week, and I can say I am a happy camper so far.

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Heart Bingo logo

Heart Bingo

This is a cool UK site that runs a nice interface, clean and good looking graphics and Gamesys games. What I can say about the games is that there are no downloads, you get browser instant access (no mobile access though), and at this time, no free No Deposit bonus. In case the starting bonus isn't enough for you, you can check out the referral program to get 10 quids for every friend that registers.
As a Bingo player, I was expecting a lot more from the Bingo offer, and instead got just some 90-ball games. Well, it's not that I didn't have any fun, and there are a lot of other games available (like Slots, Keno and some other) but I was hoping for a Bingo only place.
On the plus side, there are some free games, like Doubly Boubbly, and even though you can't win real money, it isn't that bad as a time killer.

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Instant Bingo logo

Instant Bingo

Always love to see a casino that allows US players to register and play (I've got some good buddies I like to bring to play), and if you are from US, you know better than me that it is not an easy task to find a place to get some Bingo. First and most important, welcome to $25 Free No Deposit Bonus! Just sign up and get the bonus to start playing basically for free. Also, do count on nice first and second deposit bonus (500% and 300% respectively).
You will find only Bingo on this site, and I'm talking about the 75-ball and 90-ball variants, with cards going from 1p to $1.
As a Parlay Entertainment site, I have seen some of the Bingo rooms before, but that didn't stop me from having a great time here. I managed to win a little bit, and happy to say no problems with withdrawing whatsoever.

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Jackpotjoy Bingo logo

Jackpotjoy Bingo

Initially, I was looking for a decent Bingo site, and then I saw that in addition to popular and well established 75-ball and 90-ball games, you can get also Deal or No Deal and Monopoly games, and I was really very interested to try them. Registration process is pretty straight forward, once you get through country restrictions, and you can choose to use GBP or Euros, along with the most popular depositing methods. It is good to know that the minimum deposit is £10. The only promotion for new players is a 250% bonus for the first deposit, which is not at all that impressive. Lucky enough, they have some other nice promotions, like Jackpotjoy Lotto for example.
I have seen a few Gamesys sites so far, and I can say that the games are looking great, so I only have to see and check the payout rate, right now, I am very close to getting through the WR's.

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King Jackpot logo

King Jackpot

Interesting place, with Leap Frog platform, but in order to play, you have to download the software to your computer and install it. I don't usually go for that, and always prefer to play instant games or mobile games. What is important is that you can choose and play from over 50 games, and that the games do look and feel good. Also, there are around 1k players online constantly, so you will find a nice and large community present. They accept US Dollars and UK Pounds, and you can use the usual methods for making a deposit, like MasterCard, Visa, Neteller (no PayPal).
Starting bonus is good, you get a $30 (in bonus bucks) No Deposit Bonus, WR is 3x for Bingo and 10x for slots.
You have 5 Bingo Rooms and 33 slots. Bingo is present with 75-ball and 90-ball games, and I only wish that there were also some 80 and 30 ball games to spice it up a bit.

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Ladbrokes Bingo - BLACKLISTED logo

Ladbrokes Bingo - BLACKLISTED

I wasn't blown away by the site looks let me tell you that much, but I did have some fun there, and that is what is most important. Oh, and I did even win a bit, went through the WR and withdrawn it without a problem. I did however check every single step with the support (thanx guys!) that proved to be both professional and helpful.
I wish they had more different Bingo games, because you will find only the most popular versions: 75-ball and 90-ball, and the recently added 80-ball. Then again, this is not just a bingo site, you will find a lot of other games, including lotto, live casino and others.
Starting package is decent, and with a £5 deposit you get £25 for free. Also, there is a 300% matching bonus for the first deposit up to £150 (minimum deposit is £10). If you prefer free bingo, there are free games on daily basis, so you can jump in to practice.

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Loadsa Bingo logo

Loadsa Bingo

It's a nice UK gaming site, and yes, that says no US players allowed! You can use US Dollars and Euros in addition to UK Pounds, and they take the majority of the most popular payment options. The site itself is a bit too colorful for me, but at least the layout is decent. The support is available 24/7 on email and via telephone (UK toll free), but no live chat option I prefer.
Sign up bonus includes a 200% Bonus on your first deposit (of at least $10), so you can start off playing with $30, having invested only $10. All the consequent deposits will get you a 50% bonus which is good. I love the roulette in here, it really made my day, as i managed to win a nice little sum, and had no problem to withdraw.
Anyway, I did spend most of the time playing bingo with varying success, and you get the classic 75-ball and 90-ball games, as well as the new and popular High5 Bingo, which is a bit faster and more interesting for me.

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Lucky Pants Bingo logo

Lucky Pants Bingo

If you like to play Casino Games, chances are that you are at least a bit superstitious. So, lucky pants, rabbit foot or something else, you must use some kind of a charm. This site is a good place for beginners, with a nice layout so you won't be wasting time searching for information.
You don't have to worry about any software downloads here, just log in and play from your browser, that must support Flash. The only thing missing is a mobile site version, and I really hope they will make it available soon, so I can play from my tablet.
When you register, you get a £5 No Deposit Bonus, which is the equivalent of a 500 Bingo cards. In addition, you get also 20 Free Spins. Now, that's a good start without having to invest a dime! There are also nice bonuses for the first deposit, reloads, and other stuff, so keep an eye on the Promotions tab!

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Mega Money Games logo

Mega Money Games

First of all, the site is now called Scratch Games, but don't be fooled, the full host of games is still there, not only Scratch cards. So, you get to play Slots, Table games and Instant games as well. The games are provided by PariPlay, and that is a new name for me, but so far, I can say only good things, with impressive graphics and more than good performance.
There's a $7 No Deposit Bonus in here, and a 200% first deposit and a 300% bonus for next two deposits, waiting for new players, which is great, and I have used them wisely.
The games are flash based, playable directly from your browser, and I must say everything works nice and fast. I played mostly Texas Hold'em Instant Win and Poker Dice, and even had some luck there. What I like is that every game has a nice How to section you can check you even before registering, which is the next best thing to free play.

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Naughty Bingo - Closed 04/2019 logo

Naughty Bingo - Closed 04/2019

I've heard of naughty Bingo before, and definitely wasn't interested in looking for a dating/bingo site, but a friend suggested that I give them a try. Anyway, the site looks tacky, but I pays out to look beyond that. It's user friendly and the support was helpful without bringing the confusion in (I think everybody had one or two bad experiences with the support).
Before registering, do check the list of restricted countries (not that short at all). No US players allowed for example, and you can use all the regular payment options and UK Pounds.
To be honest, I expected a little better choice of Bingo games (the main reason I stopped by), but you've got 75-ball and 90-ball games, only two regular rooms, but an impressive number (10!) free 90-ball rooms, and if nothing, that will attract a huge number of freebie lovers, so if you like to play for free, Naughty Bingo is the place to go!!

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New Bingo Billy logo

New Bingo Billy

So after reading the good reviews, I decided to give New Bingo Billy a go, and I can tell you right away, I was not disappointed! The site may not look that promising, but then, I have seen far worse than that. What I like is that you don't have to download anything, just register, log in, and you're in! I was though expecting a little more than just 75-ball and 90-ball games, but once I started playing, I forgot all about any complaints. If you like freebies, you've came to the right place since there are two Free Bingo rooms. As for bonuses, I spent like 20 minutes just reading all they offer, and I can tell you it is time well spent.
You get a nice trial bonus that you can use to play whatever you want, and even if it is not like a real No Deposit Bonus, it made me some easy money. So far, New Bingo Billy is really worth your time.

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Online Bingo logo

Online Bingo

When it comes to site names, this one surely takes the top place. If you are a Bingo lover, this place should definitely be one on your short list. I must admit that I have seen sites with better design, but this one is online since 1998, and that means some serious business. They are using Parlay Entertainment software, and that alone should say a lot about the quality of games you will find there.
Starting with a nice No Deposit Bonus of $10, but beware that you can't withdraw the winnings, and it is just for trying out the games, so it's not that bad. Your first two deposits will give you a 550% bonus up to $1,000.00 and that is quite generous.
Bingo tickets are from 10c to 1$, and there's even a Free Bingo room.
I was expecting more Bingo games, but at least you can play a lot of other games like Slots, Video Poker and others.

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Play2Win Bingo - Closed 04/2019 logo

Play2Win Bingo - Closed 04/2019

Play2Win is far from what I concider a good looking Bingo site, and if it was only the first impression, I would probably have stayed very short. However, a friend recommended them, as he won a nice sum and had no problem to withdraw it, so I naturally had to give it a go.
As i expected, US players are not accepted, but you can still use US dollars and Euros in adition to UK Pounds. Depositing methods include a few of the more popular, like Visa, MasterCard, Solo and Switch.
When you register, you get a Free £15 no deposit bonus (bb's are awarded when you validate your email and update profile information). First three deposits will get you in total up to £750, and depending on the amount deposited, you still get some extra cash.
Promotions include Cashback and collecting Loyalty points you can later exchange for money. Since there are some other ongoing promotions, do check them out before they expire.

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Ready Set Bingo - BLACKLISTED logo

Ready Set Bingo - BLACKLISTED

Ready Set Bingo is a cute looking site, but they could use some new and fresh graphics. It is a UK site and no, you can't register if you're from US. There are no downloads, and that's what I like, and you can log-in and play straight from your smartphone, which is great since you can play wherever you are.
If you like Bingo, you're in the right place since they have it all: 75-Ball, 90-Ball, 80-Ball and 30-Ball rooms. There's even a Free Bingo room so you can relax and not think of money.
There are Video Slots, Casino Games, Scratch cards. I have seen a lot of casinos with more games to offer, but I think that this will be more than enough for anyone.
There's a £15 No Deposit Bonus, 20% Cashback for all slots, and a cumulative 750% Bonus for the first three deposits. Had a nice run here, and had no problems to withdraw, the support was really helpful.

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Scratch Games logo

Scratch Games

Here I am, again hooked on Scratch cards. Might be the fact that I prefer to not to think of strategy, or the fact that there is a 1 in 3 chance of winning, but either way, I really love to play them. I got a nice Free No Deposit bonus right from the start ($7 to be precise), just a nice way to start the fun. Just a quick info, there are more games here, not only scratch games, and you can enjoy Instant Win games (Bingo, Keno and a few others), Slots and Tablet games, so basically it is your regular Online Casino. With an accent to Scratch cards. The graphics on the scratch cards are not all that impressive, that I must confess, but I didn't really care as long as I'm winning. And let me tell you, I had a nice going here. Since you can even play some scratch games for free, and there is even a Cashback program, you can get some of the money you lost.

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Scratch Mania logo

Scratch Mania

I always loved those Scratch games. You forget about strategy, cards, numbers, and just, well, scratch. No thinking, just select the value of the cards and go wild. If you have any doubts, in here, every third card wins, which are, I believe, greater odds of winning than with the other popular games. In other words, if you stick around long enough, there's no way you can lose. They claim a 95% payout, and I must say I'm impressed!
When you register a new account, you will get a Free No Deposit Bonus (€7), which is a great start, since you can squeeze a nice number of games before making a deposit. Speaking of deposit, your first deposit will get a 100% bonus, and if you use MoneyBookers, paysafecard, Ukash or iDeal, there's a 15% Bonus on the top of that. Hard to beat this one!
You automatically collect Complimentary Points or Comp points (every €10 wagered equals 1 point), and with that you improve your VIP status and unlock greater bonuses.

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Sing Bingo logo

Sing Bingo

At first, I thought this has something to do with the Sing Sing prison. Well, my bad, it's a Bingo site for music lovers. Apart from the usual game offer, you can even win some interesting things like tablets, headphones and even cards for concerts and other hard to get in events.
They have a decent starting offer, a £10 No Deposit Free Bonus, a 200% First Deposit bonus, a regular 50% Reload Bonus up to £100. Nice selection of jackpots too.
You do have only 75-Ball and 90-Ball games, but both offer free games, every single day all day long, and that is something you won't see often. I really like to kick it back once in a while, just stop and play for free, if nothing, you can practice your strategy and skills.
I was happy to find some Scratch cards here, and I do love those no-brainer games. Also, a nice lottery which is also a good break from the usual games you see everywhere.

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Wink Bingo logo

Wink Bingo

Most of the time, I don't fall for sites like Wing Bingo. Somehow, this combination of online flirt and gaming does not appeal me. However, I found a few things on this UK Bingo site that made me stay for a while. If you love playing for free, get this, once you register, you get seven days (I have usually seen similar offer for maximum of four days) to play in the Newbies room. I believe it to be a perfect way to get familiar with the site, rules, and to practice your strategy.
New player Bonuses include a 200% first deposit bonus (if you deposit between £5 - £100), and a free Spin the Wheel game (minimum £15 to £1000 guaranteed win).
In here, you get classic 75-Ball and 90-Ball bingo games, but also new 5 Line or Swedish Bingo, along with great progressive Jackpots like Moneyball and Full House.

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Winner Bingo logo

Winner Bingo

This is a nice site with games available through a special software you have to download and install (sorry guys, only Windows). Only about 10MB, and with an easy Uninstall process if you need it, this is really unobtrusive and not depending on the browser or Flash support. Never the less, you get to play all the games, with really great graphics and performance that is on average better than classic browser based games.
They don't let everybody to register, and you should check the terms and condition just to make sure you're registration will be accepted.
If you, like me, like to play games from your mobile phone, great news, you can send the link via sms directly (and for free) to your phone, or just scan the QR code and go straight to their mobile site version, really great news for those who like to gamble on the go.

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Wintingo logo


WinTingo is all about Scratch Cards, although you will find all kind of slots, Table games, Video Poker, even Bingo. Never the less, with a 1 win in every 3 cards, this is a place I wanted to try my luck. They even claim there's a 95.5% payout rate, so I naturally had to give it a shot. I know there are a lot of skeptics, but check this out: you can play all of their games free! Practice your heart out, and then head out and win.
One of the games I enjoyed the most was Battlestar Galactica Online slot, and not only because I'm TV show fan.
They base their promotion on cashback, which is not bad at all, so you get a 65% Cashback on your first deposit, and a 30% Cashback on every following deposit. They call this Cashpay, a system where you get real cash right on your account in real time, a cashback bonus that you can actually withdraw, which is not something you can find often on other sites.

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Wow Bingo logo

Wow Bingo

Maybe it's a bit lame, but I got to this site because of the Valentine's day promotions (let's just say it involves some really nice gifts like chocolate and wine, and gift vouchers), so I thought of getting my old lady something while I'm playing. Still waiting to see if I've won.
What I like there is that I can play from my smartphone (the site has a mobile version), and I got a £20 Bonus for the first log-in. That's really awesome. Regular sign-in for a new player is worth £15 (15BB's to be exact) to this guys, and I have nothing against freebies!
Oh, and I almost forgot, first deposit gets 300% Bonus (that's 150% Cash), and reloads are 450% (150% cash). Although I don't use Ukash, they are giving a 25% bonus if you use it as a payment provider, so I opened an account just to get it. Easy.
So I guess you can try Wow Bingo just to spend all the freebies, and then deside if you want to stick around. I did.

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