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Please, be aware
We strongly advise our visitors to avoid this site due to a number of reports proving its poor business practice. As a direct consequence we had to place it on our warning list. We kindly ask all players to avoid Bingo Mania - BLACKLISTED and try one of our recommended bingo rooms. Continue anyway?
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Bingo Spirit


Bingo Billy


Please, be aware
Have a look at our recommended bingo rooms. They are highly rated by our members. Continue to Bingo Mania - BLACKLISTED?
Name US/UK Review
Bingo Spirit


Bingo Billy


Bingo Mania - BLACKLISTED Warning

Warning: After reaping the benefits of a player base sent by affiliate marketers, Bingo Mania closed its affiliate program without warning. They violated their contract having taken the players we’ve directed their way and the commission owed. We do not trust that players will receive timely payouts and recommend that you choose another place to play. More detail can be found at this LINK

What are your thoughts on Bingo Mania - BLACKLISTED?

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lucky posted:

Great job guys. It's a big advantage to have this information before opening account.

lucky avatar
zuga posted:

Players and affiliates should avoid this site at all cost

zuga avatar
PFC81 posted:

thanx for the warning. I won't be depositing here.

PFC81 avatar
Markotik posted:

Bingo Mania has been around since 1996, and use to have great games, friendly support and great community. The key word here is they use to!

I have been playing bingo for quite some time now and have been reading a lot of player complaints about this site. Seems they are not paying anyone and also confiscating player' winnings quoting some non existing terms and conditions.

I think it is safe if everyone is to avoid this place.

Markotik avatar

Why Can I Trust Bingo Mania?

Players should be aware that Bingo Mania has been blacklisted. This is a direct result of the site shutting down its affiliate program. This move is in direct breach of its contract with its affiliates, and in other words, the brand has displayed poor business practices, as it is not honoring the commission structure for business it has been in connection with. It will not pay its partners, so it is safe for players to assume that it will not be keen on sticking to consistency or accuracy when it comes to paying them out either. The reality of the matter is that it would not be very smart of any player to register an account with this site, knowing this information. They are no longer trustworthy, and your money is better spent at a more reputable bingo site.

What Are Its Online Games Like?

The games available here are on the limited side. It offers only two bingo variants. This includes both 75 and 90 ball games. Some of its games are equipped with progressive jackpots, and other offerings include fixed games, tournaments, and guaranteed games. Chat games are accessible in the midst of playing bingo as well. In addition to bingo, the collection includes a brief selection of slot games, video poker, pull tabs, keno, and table games.

What Free Bingo Can I Get There?

Upon scoping out the ‘Promotions’ page, you may find that the list of offers is not up-to-date. It is unclear whether or not there are any consistent free bingo offers, and if they do, it would be in your best interest to be weary. A welcome bonus is available to new players, and players are led to believe that it can be used to begin playing some of the site’s games for free. It is not wise to volunteer personal details in order to claim this offer.

Any Other Treats To Tempt Me?

Unfortunately, there is nothing sweet about Bingo Mania. Due to the fact that it has been blacklisted for poor business practices, opening an account with them is not recommended. Do so at your own risk, and be aware that there is a good chance of being left disappointed in what you come to find. The best treat for players would be to go through our list of more reputable sites if looking for a new one to check out.