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B-Live Gaming Bingo Background:

Online casino software developer, B-Live Gaming, first staked its claim in the gaming world, when it launched its first customer in 2010, in the Netherlands. It is now known and available to operators across the globe and have clients operational in both Benelux and the UK. The company is known for its unique platform, which uses integrated webcams to aid in creating a much more social experience. In addition to the live webcams, live streaming chat hosts and private video chats are also features of their platform. As an award-winning software, they are known for some of the best retention rates, in addition to player lifetime values.

B-Live Gaming Products:

A number of unique and exciting products are offered. For starters, gamers may participate in video chats. This will allow a player to video chat with up to three people at the same time, all via their webcam. Secondly, there are live chat hosts. This means that players can look forward to real live chat hosts that will host each game through their at-home webcam, which will then be streamed into the Bingo rooms. In addition, Live Win Moments are an added feature of B-Live Gaming, designed to capture the genuine reaction of a player win.

This platform is also equipped with full 75-number, 75-pattern, and 90-number as well as normal and speed Bingo games. It also specializes in a simple and fast configuring of Bingo games, Jackpots and chat rooms. A variety of side games and mini games are provided by Microgaming Quickfire. Players can also look forward to a provided Bonus system, which is flexible and easily customized to specific preferences. An added benefit of the live feature is an advanced video monitoring of possible unacceptable player behavior and/or abuse.

B-Live Gaming Services:

A selection of services are provided to customers. They are dedicated to customer support, with access to support from various areas of the site. The most popular form of contact offered is the Live Chat technology, which gives players the opportunity to conveniently and easily engage in live conversation as well as desktop-share, making the customer’s screen visible so that any issues may be spotted quickly. The inclusion of such technology also makes it possible for information about a customer’s operating system, browser, and IP to be gathered. Such steps must be taken as they are key to pinpointing and finding solutions to specific technical difficulties.