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Gamevy Software Background

Based in the UK, Gamevy is a licensed operator and supplier of instant win games. Proud bearer of Pitch ICE award, a valuable recognition in the world of lottery and scratch cards, the company of 16 talented professionals has created a small, but top-quality portfolio of 20 products, all of which emphasize player engagement, satisfaction and profitability above other important features. From unique quiz game shows to instant cash-out and scratch editions, the team directs all efforts into achieving a one-of-a-kind digital experience, the one which is fun, meaningful and readily available. Their clients include Betsson, PAF, Leo Vegas and other respectable companies around the world.

Software Features

Designers, developers and marketing managers work together to build innovative and unique content. Every aspect is carefully envisioned and realized, through the use of latest technologies, personal gaming experiences and user-feedback, a crucial factor in the company's acknowledged success. Their emergence on the iGaming market introduced new ways to enjoy and benefit from bingo and lottery-type games.

Each release ranks high in the eyes of players and client companies alike, due to excellent graphics, modern designs, fast-paced action, and most of all, high replay value. This aspect, together with the inclusion of grand progressive jackpots in almost every release, is why Gamevy is considered such a promising software developer. Two versions of Spinlotto and Boss the Lotto, are good examples of the creative philosophy and goals behind the brand: although chance-based with random number generators, the outcomes are not predetermined, giving players a greater sense of influence and control over the mechanics. The Heist, on another note, offers a whole different kind of excitement - here you can combine different levels of skill and luck, to induce an adrenaline rush and action-packed experience. Similarly, Gears of Fortune and Be the Kind put the player in charge, remaining firmly grounded in the principles of fair gaming.

For those who prefer something more simple, there are instant win games and scratch cards, offering multiple winning chances and mystery rewards - all within a crystal clear layout, surrounded by relaxing sound effects. Casino, Magic and Fortune are the products that stand out the most. Sports and casino based editions are among the latest releases, showing that the company derives inspiration from other gambling sources, as well.

Other Services

Supporting mobile and web-based instant play, the software appeal to a broader target audience. Next to game development, the studio offers a wide range of services to their clients - solutions necessary for a hassle-free, smooth and flexible functioning of any online platform. Their full service includes quick and easy integration systems, banking and wallet solutions, account management, insurance and promotional programs. The company abides to the laws of the United Kingdom - in order to obtain and keep their license, they have to respect strict guidelines in terms of player safety, fair and transparent gaming, financial services and proper platform operations.

Bold, modern and forward-thinking, Gamevy predicts a bright future for bingo and lottery fans. Looking to improve the current global offering, what they've created so far, has given us enough reason to expect even better results from their upcoming installments.